The Twelve Days of Saltmas – A World of Warships Christmas Carol

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get into the holiday and Christmas spirit, I have recreated a beloved Christmas carol and given it a twist that any World of Warships player can empathize with. Behold, the 12 Days of Saltmas.


  1. Last time I was this early, the Luftwaffe still had air superiority.

  2. Great video I loved it

  3. Hahaha amazing dude XD


  5. I like how he gradually stops singing and becomes salty. This is too good

  6. Your singing sucks but I laughed my ass off, thanks 🙂

  7. Lol I am crying lol That was brilliant Zoup lol lol lol

  8. Tamás Kerecsényi

    And what’s sad is that all of this is true, really why do i keep playing this? Damn i’m addicted… 😀

  9. Just when I managed to convince myself I play WoWs for fun.
    This pops up and reiterates every single thing I find frustrating in the game.

  10. Zoup, You got some golden pipes there. I hear the Vienna Boys Choir calling

  11. So…much…salt…

  12. Time to nerf this video

  13. “5 over pens!?” Hahaha XD

  14. You cannot sing Zoup, and its beautiful.

  15. Did you try to citadel a Gneisenau in de Grasse?..

  16. OutFRAKKINGstanding….. Great video!!!!!!

  17. 12 days, this is an average day of playing warships for me. Outstanding vid loved it.

  18. I like how he gets more angry as it goes on. Thumbs up for realism.

  19. @NoZoupForYou…. you couldnt have caught the essence/spirit of WoWs any better then this 10/10 best Xmas carol ever well done aand love all of your vids man keep it up

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