The USS Puerto Rico – I Did It My Way

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I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning. I even almost got a bit excited.


  1. 2 in one day..!! Jingles gettin’ jiggy with it.

  2. Wargaming is good to you 🙂 Unfortinally not so good for us gamers 😉

  3. You know someone is still gonna try and claim that song jingles :p

    • @Colorona
      It sounds like something from the 1970’s.

    • Qardo and what makes you think that in the military you are guilty until proven otherwise?
      I agree with the substance of what you say, but, being a veteran, I really don’t like the way you throw shit on something you apparently don’t know anything about. A bit of respect for those who risk their lives so you can behave like a dick would be appreciated.
      Happy 2020

    • The original license may just require that it be credited in the video.

    • @Qardo The song is credited at the end of the video, including that it is used under License – 2:21 … did you watch all of it? Or just skipped through the vid?

    • @JetsetUK But funny enough the title and interpreter are wrong. You can’t find anything with it. The actual title is Operator by White Drift.

  4. what no painting it over with the British cammo? o.0 🙁 ohh well….

  5. 3 minutes …. any faster and I’m going to hurt myself

  6. I was expecting some cool trick you used to get it.

    But “i did it my way” simply means you used gold.

    This sucks.

    • As he pointed out, he was gifted it from Wargaming as a contributor. Had he not used the gifted gold to purchase the boosters it would have kind of been a breach of contract.

      A lot of these ships are reward ships for people in the contributor program. It makes sense that it is pretty (some would say glaringly distasteful, regardless of their view of the US) and at the same time mediocre. It is a play thing for those that spend hours every day to promote the game, at no cost to Wargaming, except when WG feel like inviting these people for a publicity stunt.

    • Hmmm….


      Sorry Jingles, can’t like this one.

    • @randomhato Jingles is pointing out how impossible it is to grind the ship. And the only way is no life or money money money. I will vote with my wallet in the future by not spending any more money on WOW. If other people do that, WOW will learn their lesson VERY FAST!

    • Ben Jiro i have no life, and even i couldn’t grind the PR, i got sick for 5 days and it was done, absolutely impossible to get. I’m disabled retired and even i am busy going back and forth to appointments and trying to get myself moved to someplace closer to family, and working 8 hours a day for a game company that uses me as an excuse for their absolutely shitty directives, fuck WG… and fuck iEarlGrey.

    • @Ben Jiro it’s all in the detail, paidtorico not paytorico.

      I’ve not spent a penny since the threat to retier ships, and believe me I was their target audience for this shambolic fiasco of a whale hunt up until that point, and yet they still did it. So if you believe that closing your wallet will change their mind fast, as you put it, you’re not really paying attention to their business model.

      Played since closed beta, and now watching the Russianess of the company implode the game in western markets.

      It was fun while it lasted.

  7. Alexandre Kleiubing

    this is the first time i not even try get a “free” ship

    • I do one better. This ship is a f…… insult. I have not opened the dock yard or collected any of the f…… “Christmas presents” lootboxes that comes with it. They can take their boxes and their f…… ship and shove it where the sun do not shine.

    • I only ground out the Gorizia and didn’t even try the PR. Man even the Gorizia is CRAP!

    • First time I met a Gorizia I was broadside on and she was full health bow into me. I deleted her with a single shot and it wasn’t even a detonation. Never mind the PR, even the Gorizia was crap.

    • @The Zesty Lime098 sure but I missed out because nowhere in the event did it advertise the server downtime was within the event period. 🙁

  8. The only effort I put into that was opening the dockyard to see the start video. Even that was too much.

  9. For some strange reason I found it particularly satisfying to slam multiple torps into one today 🙂

  10. Puerto Rico – for Whales and WG CC’s only…

    • @Cyanide May I suggest looking up iChase’s video on various skilled players grinding and earning their Puerto Rico? He goes at length how much length of time to complete the various Directives.

    • @james ward-gwilliam At 102 hours he’d have been better off working a night job at £7.70/hr (minimum wage for 21-24yrs).
      He would have earned £785, Then bought the ship for £110 and still have £670 in his pocket.
      Or he could have just earned enough to get the ship after 2x8hr shifts and had another 86 hours (after work, spread over 3 weeks) of his life he currently missed out on.

    • I know 2 people in my clan who got the PR with only the first premium booster.
      One bought the doubloons for it, the other used doubloons he got from playing the game and was saving up in his account.
      So the about 20 EUR for the 6,000 Doubloons are OK when you get a TX ship.
      It was still a grind for them buth It was less then many people said in forehand.
      I even was able to solve the first 4 directives completley and 3 tasks from the 5th.

    • james ward-gwilliam

      @Toms Tech didn’t say it was right still just saying that the time he likely spent on it. Seems this guy was already working

    • @Toms Tech I wouldn’t neccesarily say hours of life wasted since technically speaking I would’ve still been playing warships for a similar amount of time albeit time spent on getting more tier 10s and not getting 7200 secondary hits in coop. I enjoy a good challenge, plus I’ve got lots of free and commander xp to use now. To be completely honest, I would probably never do a grind like this again unless the boat was really worth it, like Slava

  11. i quit trying too get it , no point to it

    • You guys should have gotten the gold boosters, much easier

    • @Mondochiwan not many working people or casual player, or even the tryhards are going to just throw 24000 doubloons for one tier X ship, let alone kids

    • @KALIKEL MEGA My production line was shut down for two weeks, so it was only 14000 doubloons. Buying the Gorizia to grind the Gorizia’s missions in the directives made the grind much more palatable.

      If I was a more competitive player, I would played way more random and way less co-op to grind the base xp and gotten further than completing the fourth directive.

      If the event happened while I was working 40 hours a week, I would have given up on it from the start.

    • @Mondochiwan that was the whole point. Why pay wargaming such an absurd amount of money? They wanted the money in the first place so why didn’t they just say so and stop forcing people to go through such an insane grind? Some of us with real lives simply could not afford to spend the kind of time necessary to grind so we never had a shot. Same with the Benham to a lesser degree. Unless you had the time available to dedicate yourself to nothing else you’d never have a shot unless you got it in a Christmas container.

    • @Darren4352 to support the further development and longevity of the game?

  12. Not wanting to play 15 hours a day hardly qualifies you as being lazy…just having a life.

  13. should name the ship “Nightmare” , as in, PR ………..

  14. And that is why I stop spending any money for that game over one year ago…

  15. The sarcasm in your “yay” was palpable before your next line even came up.

  16. I got it basically the same way, I had 12k gold before the directives started and I got enough from Christmas containers to get all the boosters, then I just did the directives until it guaranteed completion. Then I forgot about it until it was done. I like it well enough, but every time I play it I get focused by the enemy team so I’m just going to let it collect dust till the collective rage dies down and it’s playable.

  17. Obligatory: PAY2RICO

  18. Judging by the number of Puerto Rico’s in randoms, WarGaming has made an absolute killing.

  19. Wargaming:

    “A small price to pay for salvation”

  20. Was actually hoping Jingles would sing “I Did It My Way” as the video played. 🙁

    • He DIDNT do it though – He PAID to finish it in 30 days – in gold and reputation .

    • @Ronald Minch what are you going on about? Our comments are about the title.

    • @Ronald Minch btw I’m pretty sure he has the P2R in his port…which means he did do something, which is perfectly fine. A mix of playing and boosters that he bought by making a decision and using what WG gave him.

    • @Greg Broz sorry – I was being salty and the song ” I did it my way ” upset me – I like Jingles BUT he clearly DIDNT do it …..nothing personal towards you or the other commentators .

    • @Greg Broz I can only say we can agree to disagree ….. I only hope things can get better one day – those Videos attacking how WG handled the shipbuilding didnt help .
      good hunting sir

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