The Victory Competition: Dasha Commands Vladivostok | World of Warships

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We are midway through the first stage of the friendly “Victory” competition. Discover how Dasha spent her Allowance Tokens, and much more.
Rules of competition are on our portal!
Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What about you?
    Have you collected enough tokens and got a mission from container?:)

  2. Dasha is beautiful

  3. All these containers and not one ship. You’d thing they’d give you a mission if you open a minimum of 30 containers.

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      and now I feel guilty for getting one out of the Soviet era container that was given to everyone as reward for daily logins. Lucky me I guess

    • OldSchool Gaming

      +Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl Its been insane bad drop rate since british DD line. Will never buy these again. Fortunatly the 100 I opened I bought with tokens.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      +OldSchool Gaming Premiums has much more higher drop rate.
      Like, you can open 100 from the free one, and still nothing, while buy 20 and get all 4.

    • OldSchool Gaming

      +StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe Maybe so but still pretty shitty drop rate on Premiums considering the dabloon price. Not falling into that trap again.

    • I open 70 containers and now I have all 4! ^^

  4. Hey look I got a mission from the containers… Oh wait no, the drop rate is abysmal!!

  5. Gaurang Agrawal

    I spent 1000 tokens and 2 premium containers but got only tier 5 bb mission ?

  6. General Cartman Lee

    Vladivostok mission from a token container?
    Now I want Dasha to open my containers as she seems to be more lucky than the Irish.

  7. Nope. Tens of containers, and still nothing.
    Great job, WG

  8. well so far i think i’m 7 prem and around 25+ standard ones and i have gotten 3 of 4 ships, still hunting for Vladivostok

  9. all these skits have the Command and Conquer Red Alert vibe

  10. Nope since I didn’t sent enough dissidents to the gulag. I was not blessed by Stalin.

    Wink wink nudge nudge.

  11. When is Dasha not on fire? ??

  12. around 40 premium crates, no vladivostok, but atleast Im smarter for the future

  13. With a drop rate seemingly worse than the UK DD containers, good luck…

  14. Two citizens of the glorious CCCP discuss how to spend their allowance tokens. Moscow, 1949 Colorized

  15. Thanks for the reminder that I only have the tier 5 Veliky

    Why am I cursed

  16. YA MA TO ! , please for the love of all that is good and holy in the world learn to pronounce the O at the end

  17. question. Are you guys gonna release unique shipcamos for the azurlane 2nd wave ship captains?

  18. I’ve opened 33 premium crates, and I got the tier V and tier VI out of them, as well as this I’ve opened well over 80 of the non-premium crates and I’ve gotten nothing out of them.

    This makes me think it would be more worth it to just convert Free XP and just wait for the RU BB’s to be released.

  19. xXxGamesTearxXx

    only got one so far the tier v and i opened alot op containers

  20. Again Yamata? now i think i’ve heard every way to pronounce it wrong. Yamata, Yamoto, Yomata, Yamota, etc. Pls tell your voice actors how to pronounce these iconic ship names.

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