The Victory Competition: Time is running out! | World of Warships

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You can find more details about the rules and rewards on our portal.
SEA: https://worldofwarships./news/game-updates/victory-part-2/

Keep an eye out on the official World website. first port of call for releases!


    • Peaceful Aggressor

      when designing new events, consider the following:
      Half your player base are salty idiots who consider themselves intellectually superior to their teammates and enemies, so yeah, you’re fucked.

  1. Patrick Infinite

    For Honnor!

  2. I only watched this to see Dasha….??

    • @Adam Marcinkowski you have low tastes

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      @StarkIndustry Problem is that I have high standards , and you like below avrage chicks …

    • @Adam Marcinkowski the only thing below average here id your IQ

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      @StarkIndustry Well , are you qualified to juge my IQ ? , after your noob nick -StarkIndustry- … (yes I know that you like Iron man & Avengers) , but your pathetic attempt to be original , failed (and as we know persons of very low IQ 82 and below often take identity of strong hero (mr.stark) as they feel inferior…) , I do not have any complexes and I am confident person , therefore I have my real name as my nick , because I am smart enough to defend my argument.

  3. Hey guys could you possibly add port slots that cost coal in the armoury? Maybe about 25k each? Thanks?

  4. Is the current collection going to be permanent one or once the event ends the items will no longer drop?

  5. “Time is running out.”

    I don’t care. I did what I was supposed to do a week ago.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      I got stupid T5 stupid premium soviest pos (that I will never play) , container … why bother , is a scam.

  6. For 500 points than 2000 points!

  7. the event sucks. if its done again. I feel the players should be locked into a side for the whole event. This isnt for honor or glory. this is whatever side is winning or they just picked the left side.

  8. What the hell was that about? WG just made a video for that? Really?

  9. This competition sucks did not enjoy it at all

  10. Or do as Italy did in 1st world war and switch to the victorious team xD

  11. Is she really pregnant?

  12. For who ever gives me the most tokens for the day???

  13. James Borgen Hansen

    What happens in Russia? Are French Braids the Hair Fashion?

  14. What ever happened to alena? She leave?

  15. Bring back Alena

  16. You know Italian navy probably has better navy in ww 2 than these fake paper Russian ship and instead focusing on french dd.?


  18. Add more British ships and de buff those fake soviet ships

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