The Victory Competition | World of Warships

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New friendly “Victory” competition is starting. LetR;s go through the rules! Choose, and your team to Victory!

Keep an eye out on the World of Warships website. Your port of call for new releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you get the Soviet vibe from the video?:)

    Which side will you pick?

  2. United forever in friendship and labor…..

  3. Well this is the kind of socialism we can all like.

  4. The Scourge of God

    Why not Alena & Dasha on opposing teams? Also, I can fully get behind this kind of communism

  5. Mihails Ļevčenkovs

    Dasha, what happened?! The level of hyperventilation is way too high!

  6. Starting 1st of May?

  7. i got a day off of work so i could play the new Update but to find out the update was moved to the 25

    i cri

  8. Guys , join Team Glory!

  9. whats the ultimate rewards of both teams? is it revealed yet?

  10. I mean, I was…. but clearly your servers weren’t as you had to postpone it ;P

  11. Moritami Kamikara

    Honour, courage and rectitude
    Tempered by ancient wisdom

  12. 0:25 is WoWs servers right now
    Everyone comes back to the servers after an update, then on 0:33 onwards is everyone leaving after the update just to come back 2:40 for another.

    (Yeah, I know, WG probably screwed up with the CG here)

  13. Dasha beautiful as always 🙂

  14. Live with honor! Die with Glory!

  15. Im more for the Fatherland, but i can fight for the motherland this time

  16. Nilton Lourenço Junior

    Mais um up bosta ao invés de centrar na originalidade do jogo.

  17. Can we have some soviet era music in the game, the one in the video sounds pretty good.

  18. Today was my day off, I was looking forward to play 8.3, too bad the update got postponed 🙁

  19. Im still disapointed that it isnt called hammers vs sickles

  20. Can we get the title music from The Hunt for Red October as a import music selection? ?

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