The World of Warships Experience

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World of Warships is an interesting game…

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In today’s video, we hop on World of Warships to experience this game in a new light – is World of Warships any good?


  1. Hey you should try playing and making a video about Oxenfree. It’s a unique indie thriller like nothing else. It also has a sequel releasing later this year.

  2. Chronicles of League

    I just like it because Big Boat goes Boom Boom

  3. I wish there is a guy screaming: I WANT ME MOMMMEY MR SQUIDWARD! As things go to shit.

  4. Play World of Warships today:


  5. Didnt like the video. U got the bag tho

  6. I might play this game… if I could pay 30€ and get the full game. Not into the f2p grind hell that Wargaming games are.

  7. So this is the game I’ve been hearing so much about but always suspected something was off about it

    • When it’s free to play game, you absolutely cannot judge the game by an account where EVERYTHING was unlocked from the start. You will NOT be starting off with the advantages and free choice that KoboKast had. You will be welcomed to the grind.

      Wargaming have been known for years for ruining an awesome rock-paper-scissors design they have with destroyers-cruisers-battleships, but chucking submarines and carriers in without really balancing the core classes to respond to them.

      If you like that sort of grind getting better ships, and still blowing things up, it’s still a decent game. I wish it had a better company.

  8. War thunder naval is more realistic plus it has planes

  9. I have an idea: the barotrauma experience.

  10. Love you and your content Robokast. First of all, don’t feel bad, WoWS has a very steep learning curve. Give it 1500-2000 games before you feel comfortable with it.

    Having said that, be very careful with this game, WG while does push updates every month, it’s usually a carefully designed one to power creep older ships so you grind the new ones. And if you have a CC account it’s easy, but otherwise grinding is a bitch.

    Also, WG is known to put out an Overpowered ship for money, or steel or something, they then remove it but if you want, you need to dig deep into loot boxes.

    Also ships in WoWS are from Tier 1 – 10, Zorkyi does not belong in this bracket, you get it after the tier 10, which you would think it’s tier 11 but you’d be wrong. It’s a Supership.

    Insert obligatory fuck CV and SS.
    Sincerely, someone who has over 9k games in it but quit long ago because WG murdered the game.

  11. Games are very better when you can skip 1000s of hours of grind and premium account costs etc 😂😂😂. Tried war thunder once and was enjoying it until I realised the time commitment and money I would prob have to spend

  12. Tried this game. Didn’t like it for many reasons. Dropped it when I found they sold ships for $80–enough money to buy an entire other game or several.

  13. Sorry Robokast, you are NOT reviewing the average experience of a player in WoWs here by running amock with an all-ships-free account. Really, it makes for a misrepresentation of the expected experience for your viewer. I have no idea how you possibly think you could determine if such a F2P design game is “good” using this method. And yes, there were definitely ways to go about this sort of video that could deliver a better result, they’d involve more effort though, like most of your other ones. Hope the sponsorship money was good.

    • This video isn’t a review – it’s a gameplay video. I never said anything regarding my thoughts on the game except “it’s a solid game” at the very end and that I had fun while playing it. Never mentioned anything about good or bad game design and didn’t convince anyone to play it. Even if someone does play it, it’s F2P so it’s not like anyone is being hurt if they download it and don’t like it.

  14. RoboKast out here making 10 minute ads that are enjoyable to watch…

  15. war gaming games are not made with passion nowadays mate. they are made with greed. don’t ruin your reputation for some spare change. delete this video, return the money. its not worth it

    • I understand your sentiment, but I don’t think this game is hurting anyone. To be fair, this is a gameplay video, not a review – I probably should’ve clarified that more in the video – so I don’t see how it could ruin my reputation. Plus, it’s free so if people really don’t like it, they aren’t out anything.

    • @RoboKast i know your content as a review content. its different when you say this isn’t a review but I don’t remember that in the video. start off with that next time

  16. Saying “level” instead of “tier”… lol

  17. Tier V-VII is the most fun and most affordable for f2p. Tier XI-X is were you get destroyed.

  18. took me 2 minutes and 34 seconds to realize that this was an ad. Time to move on.

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