The World of Warships Goodbye No One Asked For…. Again.

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Thank you for everything, fair winds and following seas.


  1. The CC rework continues

  2. We will always miss the great contributor and all time Genshin simpact nerds weeb based commentary on the silly boat game.

  3. You’ll still be funny russian yellow meme man, just in others games now

  4. Your videos are some of the best content to ever come out of this community. Good luck!

  5. Its sad to see you go Denarmo. But you want off weegee’s wild ride. And I already jumped too. I hope the game gets better, but at this point I feels it hopeless.

  6. End of an era……… ill miss you, Denarmo. Ill miss World of Warships. Ill miss all those fun times…..

    Good luck and fair seas, boys. o7

    • Hey look at the bright side, there’s going to be a new generation of streamers that’s going to say yes to everything that Wargaming regardless of how stupid it is! No drama happening at all!

  7. Matheus Guerra Scheffer

    unninstalled this game last year and it still frustrate me how they can manage to destroy it even more… another day, another CC that I enjoy leaving the game that I once loved

  8. Even though you leave Wows hope you don’t leave YT, I would really like to see you playing more games and doing similar things like your reviews.

  9. No matter what your aspirations might be, you’ll always be the special burrito daki that’ll always make me feel better! Cheers for a good run, and Cheers for many more!

  10. Today … a part of WoW and YT died for me. I loved you videos for years and they gave me so much joy. So i wont cry out now that you left, I will just say one thing, which I mean from the bottom of my heart:

    Thank you, Denarmo. Thank you.

    You and Yuro literaly inspired me to make the videos I uploaded, the way their are. You were a good teacher, with some next galaxy level humor. 😉

  11. >Denarmo doesn’t become CC the first time
    >Memes himself into the CC program
    >presses the ‘FUCK GO BACK’ button.
    Understandable and I cannot wait for the new future!

  12. I recently quit playing aswell, and, though it may sound rude, I am glad to see you’ve left the CC program, I hope you truly feel any and all inclinations and responsibilities lifted off your shoulders, I can’t wait to see what content you make in the future (plox more FFXIV). Best of luck Denarmo.

  13. Pains me so much to see you leave man. You put out the best WoWS content I’ve ever seen. We’ll always miss it. Can’t wait to see what the future of your channel holds. No matter what it will be, we will always support you. o7

    Oh and btw, Genshin is the superior game anyway 🙂

  14. An understandable thing to feel and I appreciate that you came forwards to say what you really felt. C’est fini. Stay strong.

  15. Wargaming to the remaining CCs: The empire has big plans for you.

  16. I remember when you worked so hard to become a CC, and now you’re leaving so soon, but I (and I’m sure many of your long-time followers) are SO very proud of your decision. And with how far you’ve come, we know you won’t need WG’s CC program to blossom and go further than you would’ve ever dreamt. Your future continues to be bright if not brighter than ever before. Cheers mate! I look forward to more of your content 🙂

  17. How many CCs have left WOWS in the past 24 hours holy guacamole. Gonna miss your meme reviews 🙁

  18. don’t cry because its gone, smile because it happened.

  19. WG: failed at CV rework
    Also WG: rekt themselves with CC rework

  20. Last time Denarmo leaves WoWs: Tears everywhere
    This time: *Cheers intensifies*

    Wish you best of luck, Dena chan!

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