The World of Warships Goodbye No One Asked For | Denarmo

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Good luck and fair seas.

El Sonidito – Hechizeros Band
I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire – ViolinistBAKA (original by The Ink Spots)
Traditional Arrangement: “Moonshine” – Alexandre Desplat
Last Train Home (Stardust Crusaders OST)


  1. Kms Graf Zeppelin

    XD good one #Denarmo
    Edit:We will miss you

  2. 3 Smidge Energy

    Tfw you come for the memes, but get your ass blasted with feels :sadpepehands:

  3. I’m not crying
    You’re crying!
    I just got smth in my eye


  5. Thanks for the good time. Can we get the robot voice speech in text pls? Didn’t understand the whole part. Also have that: *F* for my respects!

  6. Man, so early, the video is still on 360p.

  7. Now I can’t help but be curious as to where you’re going to go from here…. I think I’ll linger for a while longer.

  8. Fluxthelycanroc

    he called me breathtaking. this means he accepts me.

  9. At least there is one less notification that I have to immediately drop everything to enjoy.
    It looks like rain today.

  10. Please tell me this is not the actual goodbye
    Oh come on I enjoyed every second of that Kaga video come on

  11. For those wondering why I’m quitting:
    The game wasn’t fun for me anymore. It had become a tedious grind and mindless playing.
    I either played to grind whatever new currency stuff they came up with, or to play for videos, not exactly because I wanted.
    In the month between the Yukikaze vid and the Yoshino one, it was a constant struggle of forcing myself to try and make a new video,
    to try and somehow reignite my passion for the game. The NTC debacle and all that stuff, even if it’s now “fixed”, were a tipping point in making my mind about the problem.

    After giving it a lot of thought, the hard part was not accepting that I didn’t enjoy the game anymore, it was letting go.
    So here we are. I don’t think I will come back, even if they add subs or whatever.
    I will move on to the other games and, once again, enjoy making videos like I used to, without pressure.
    So feel free to unsubscribe if you don’t care about that, but if you do, please recommend me some games you would like to see.

    I will take some time until the next video, I’m still thinking how I want to approach the channel now.
    Thank you all <3

  12. i wont unsub because you’ll quit, since i also just moved on about me quitting the game entirely, rather i’ll patiently wait for you to rehabilitate yourself from the wows salts and come back with a new game to meme at, i subbed because of your style of making vids making me kek hard, not just for the ship gameplays.

    ps. subbed ever since first video when yuro yt posted about you

  13. 60 million pound cost

    First Yuro,now You?how am i going to get quality world of warships memes now 🙁

  14. >be me
    >Just found out about this channel a few days ago
    >”Holy shit, finally a good yuro alternative!”
    >Denarmo: “Im leaving”
    *my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*

  15. Ah dang. Farewell. I hope you have good luck in what you plan next.

  16. Just recently started watching your videos , but i know this pain all to well of quitting WoWS , I went on a hiatus for like almost a year. And it was the best thing i have done , So i wish the best to you on your future endeavors. Thank you for the short time of enjoyable laughs !

  17. Dear Denarmo
    I really understand your feeling. I also quit the game for almost 3 months and came back after 080. I found a new “reason” to play as after an initial sceptiscism I liked the CV rework. Now after 085 I am wondering myself “should I stay or should I go ” (yes like the famous Clash song ) . For now I will stay as I am still trying to think positive about the CV rework. Then I will see.
    my only advise for you: never say never. In a couple of month you may find a good reason to come back.
    In the meantime I wish you all the best and I propose to open a thread on the european forum to push WG to give you the status of CC.
    Good luck my friend and remember: this is only a fuck@ing game !

  18. SkullFaceImperial

    6:14 Bismarck thats meeeeeee and ill say it again f for you d-man,……. and find peace with your new way of shitposting (just a joke)

  19. Brian Alexander

    The community is poorer for you absence. I look forward to seeing where you find inspiration next

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