The “World Of Warships” Plushie Torpedo Launcher!

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  1. I feel like i kinda have to check out World of Warships for how much they support you.

    • It can be fun, but also grindy af. premium sure helps with that a little, but the best way to progress at a reasonable speed and have fun playing instead of getting frustrated is to be a really good player. It’s free to play though, and even if you’re not playing regularly you can always pop in for a few quick games. It won’t get you far, but can be more fun than grinding like there’s no tomorrow.

    • It’s a great game, but the difficulty level really ramps up after tier 5 because then you are getting out of casual range into the more hardcore player base. If you just want to have fun with it, do Co-Op matches. If you are the competitive type, stick to the full PVP matches.

    • @Milchael – so you have not played the game yet here you are calling it “pay to win”…

    • @Robin de Roos check out the mod station. It has mods on it to compress textures

    • @Milchael – Lol, you calling it pay to win but don’t even have a clue if there are premium shells. r/quityourbullshit

      Counter to WOT, it’s easier to play but harder to master. Doesn’t matter how much cash you put into it, if you don’t develop skill over the tiers progression you will absolutely get shit on by any free to play player with skill.

  2. sweet… now pack it full of 500kg of high explosives

  3. Cal 19cm Plushie is my new favorite, sorry 338 Lapua

  4. This be like Joerg’s equivlant to Fallout heavy weapons…

  5. outdoor wanderer

    Much respect, you are an amazing craftsman. P.s. I shared your previous video about IG Metal around, keep fighting the good fight, and cant wait for an update!

  6. Since how long have you had a dog?!? Needs more doggo love in this channel!

  7. The plush torpedo is cool… But what I really want is a full size Joerg plushie… Just saying.

  8. You need to try this with a solid, aerodynamic projectile!

  9. Joerg’s slow-mo laugh is the stuff of nightmares ?

  10. You are making Kim Jung Un jealous… Great launcher.

    • If Kim is smart, we will soon see him challenging Jörg to build something. That would instantly set North Korea’s program five years ahead of what they currently have 😀

    • @F.C. Laukhard
      only 5?

    • Keep laughing but i still dont see US troops invading north korea to establish a democratic governemt to people of North Korea on news,wonder why?
      they have PTSD from small fanatic yellow people hiding in the jungles from the 1970’s that is why!

    • @zumbazumba1 Haha. NKPR has no assests worth stealing, that’s why the US mob bosses, I mean leaders, haven’t done shit about that penniless country.

    • @nemesisnick66 I didn’t want to make them feel bad. 😀

  11. make a target out of Velcro in the shape of a ship! lol

  12. Joerg Sprave: Catching Torpedos mid air. A movie i would watch

  13. Hey Jörg, just so you know we don’t mind the ads, ?

  14. Giving the youtube censors something to think about:
    “It says Torpedo in the title – but it’s a plushie toy – but … but… – AAHH! “

  15. Sean Keste Bernales

    Girls: let’s have a pillow fight on our slumber party

    Boys: Time to call Joerg

  16. Alexandru Gionea

    This man makes the most enjoyable to watch sponsorship I have ever seen.

  17. BeginnerLockPickingDiaries

    Awesome *JöergSprave* !!!

    *✊Power to the YouTube Union✊*

  18. this is like a mix between the Fat Man and the Broadsider from Fallout 4

  19. 5:58 that sunlight flash looks like an explosion 😀

  20. enoughofyourkoicarp

    Gun Enthusiasts: “9mm this, .45 that, .357 the other.”
    Joerg: “19cm”
    Gun Enthusiasts: “… k”

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