The WORLDS BEST SEAMEN! (World of Warships)

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Thx to Wargaming for sponsoring!
SS CHILLYWILLY AND ZEROYALBUTTS are lost at Sea…what could possibly go wrong?!

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What is World of Warships?

So what you are going to see today is some intense 1940’s warship battles that combine a bit of action with strategy. Now realistically I’ve only played naval based games a few times, but I kind of got the hang of it quickly…Ze and I did have access to some higher level accounts to try out, but we quickly learned that probably wasn’t the best idea. We got the crapped kick out of us and went down to mid tier ships and brought the pain

The game is a lot of fun and Free 2 , but on that note, it will also require a bit of grind to acquire unlocks and new ships. (Assuming you decide to keep it F2P) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope you check out the game…it’s a very solid Naval based experience.

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Title: Moose


  1. I Love Seamen

  2. 4th comment.

  3. Chilled your about to join the hell known as wows

    • We got our ass exploded enough times to know that feeling lol

    • World of tanks can be far far worst trust me. Toxicity has never been as real as there and here

    • Declan Mugford wows isn’t that bad at all-sure there are here and there some truly cancerous types but you get them everywhere-provided you are in it to have fun it’s highly enjoyable-I’ve played it for 2 years never got bored of it

  4. Great content chilled, keep it up, much love, God bless

  5. A Bromance at sea where they talk about their addictions and sexual encounters. That feels like an actual good comedy movie that would be nominated by an Emmy.

  6. extiting?

  7. That One Florida Guy

    Ze’s thumbnail cartoon person looks…off..

  8. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and Chilled is once again swabbing Ze’s poopdeck as the salty ocean spray splashes on them… All is right in this world of seamen.

  9. Chilled and Ze being seaman together on a ship by themselves.

  10. If you aim at the water just below the enemy ship (literally where the ship touches the water), it will cause more damage.

    • No, no it won’t. It will do the same damage regardless of where the shell hits whether it’s in the hull or super structure assuming it’s a standard penetration and not a shatter, bounce or over penetration. The point of aiming at the water line, with AP shells, is to increase the chances of penetrating the citadel causing critical damage.

    • HanaMadoshi Not necessarily, now, with AP shells, you’re extremely likely to overpin if you hit the superstructure, so you want to aim for the waterline because one, like you stated, you have a better chance for a citadel, but if you don’t know where they are anyway you’re just hoping and two, it also just dies more standard damage, so aiming for the waterline does matter. Second, with HE shells, typically you want to aim for the superstructure because then you have a higher chance for a fire, but, you can still pen armor with HE if it’s weak enough so in some cases you want to hit waterline with it too. You ever seen a citadel with HE? It’s fucking devastating.

    • Aiming for the water line or lower part of the ship will. Rease amount of rounds going to hit the ship

  11. Sark is pretty good at being sponsored by them.

  12. A yearly tradition! Excellent work here, Chilled.

  13. Chilled, do your best impression of Captain Jack Sparrow.

  14. Let you in on a secret. To people that actually play WoWS sponsored YouTubers playing the game are at best a joke and at worst they just flat out hate you. All you are doing is ruining their higher tier games because now they have two people that have no idea what they are doing because they were just given high tier ships and never actually learning how the play the game dragging their team down. Being you are a WoW player that would be like having two people that have never played the game tossed into your raid and causing you to wipe over and over just because they think its funny.

    • Swagger of a Cripple

      Evilactions “I’m not saying they shouldn’t play, they just shouldn’t play in my lobby.” Is basically what you’re saying. Unless you were in their game how do you know everyone’s game was ruined? Maybe their teammates sat back and laughed at how bad they were. You speaking on everyone else’s behalf doesn’t make it anywhere near the truth. THATS why I called your response toxic.

    • Swagger of a Cripple

      Besides, they played one day so far. 1 out 365. The sponsors started them higher so they could 1) get content that isn’t full of introductions 2) let them and the viewers see more and 3) amateurs going into the battlefield makes it more entertaining. Even if they did “ruin” a few games, what’s 3 out of a million? You talk as if you tubers are in every lobby, making the game unplayable.

    • Are you new to Wargaming products? This pair screwing around are already playing better than the average wknd

      Although the constant scroll zooming and BB HE spam did make me cringe a lot ?

    • They’re bringing in more people to try out the game so salty people like you can have a game to play

    • grow up kid.


  16. This video is missing…


  17. And 3 chilled is really good at blowing himself up

  18. Yeah you are the best, but I knew a cell, who dare I say, was. Perfect

  19. 10:45 Famous last words. “Is that torpedoes?”

  20. as a person who played all these games in closed alpha i love it and im glad to see my fav youtubers playing it

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