The Worst Commanders of the High Seas! (World of Warships Funny Moments)

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  1. Brian sounds like Fuhrer 2:00

  2. Wow, you guys are getting your asses kicked by Bots with the intelligent of a GameBoy sprite.

    God forbid you spend 20 minutes watching a tutorial video on YouTube.

    To be fair, you eventually get some sense beaten into you towards the end and you guys start to improve.


    A WoWS player.

  3. In my five years in the Navy I have never seen a more qualified skipper than Brian

  4. DingusDongus [JJ Johnson]

    World of *Tanks?* *Maybe?*

  5. Who want more mic fun

  6. Canadian Baseball fan


  7. Yes this

  8. MOREEE!!!

  9. Right side Port? don’t you mean Starboard?

  10. Seeing terroriser spam he in a battleship made me die a little inside

  11. Come play world of tanks, also belongs to wargaming

  12. Play world of tanks
    Like so Brian can see this

  13. John Rysean Retales

    Is that available on the asia

  14. Would love to be able to record like this

  15. Well, hello Sailors 🙂

  16. Fikex Entertainment

    Omg gorganights however you spell it was my fucken childhood mobie

  17. Hey look the 3 sellouts

  18. Love the voices

  19. Traincar12 the only

    Lol they played against AI

  20. Wildcat uploaded this video ages ago

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