The Worst Part of World of Warships

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I’m still shocked people act like this.

I’m Potato_Quality, a member of O7, and probably one of the best players in this game. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Stopped playing WoWs like 5 months ago. I gotta say that I am more stable and happy person now.

    • My anger control problem has been eased by stop playing this game as well, I uninstalled this bs game like 4 weeks ago

    • Same, i quit a month ago. Best choice i made in years

    • I quit in 2019 damn fucking shame IMO this game had so much promise 🙁 like in 2017, game was good then this is before CV rework happening. I started out after CBT there was 2 lines (IJN&USN) Germans were added later. That’s another thing I liked the old module tree upgrade system and the old ap. The old ap wrecked ships if aimed right and I liked the way the module tree showed better stats/armour increases and ricochets actually showed with a kinda spark as to show it rebounded miss that game

    • @DerMüller I quit at CVS, get rid of Twitter and Facebook it’s total peace !!

    • Sure you did…..

  2. The ranked system is so messed up… you can get terrible players that just get carried to silver and gold

    • That’s why ranked in games like Starcraft 2 make more sense. Winning games let’s rank you up ranks, but higher legues are reached through better constant WR.

    • @An idiot wg set up the ranked system to be extremely susceptible to win streaks. Just a few stars (which ONLY come from wins) give you a new rank. There’s no “fine tuning”. Going up ranks in other competitive games like overwatch or valorant requires consistently winning. In addition, those games don’t have the extreme separation between ranks like wows, the ranks are granular, measured in hundreds or thousands, not single digits. Which is an……interesting… choice by wg since those games both have less people on your team, which means your ability to carry/influence the match is much more pronounced.

      I think what you want is a leaderboard or ladder, not wg’s ranks. All that said, wows would be such a good game if randoms had an invisible ranked score like ranked but the randoms rank resets every 2 months or so.

    • @Arizona Anime-Fan With all you 100K Hit Point tanks shooting HE from the back 20% refusing to scratch paint while DDs and cruisers try to take caps it becomes another exercise in frustration while you “save your stars from the back of the map” like a CV player. When you wake up to the fact that cruisers and DDs are in harms way from radar/spotting/hydro/CVs/HE spamming BBs you might work it out…

    • My team was so bad in bronze I couldn’t carry them. I had a full secondary build FDG, 4 kills, 189k damage, 41 planes shot down and my team still threw the game because whilst I was holding off the enemy team they decided not to cap…

    • Arizona Anime-Fan

      ​@33nfidel you’ve obviously never played a thunderer. they are NOT tanks. they have terrible secondaries, their armor is average at best, heavy CA’s can rip them apart, they’re sort of slow. Don’t get me wrong. When I play a GK, I push, when I play an Odin i’m right behind the DDs, I aggressively push in BBs that are built for it. The thunderer has zero hydro, zero radar; poor secondaries, mediocre torp belt. Pushing in one against pretty much any other BB is a good way to be sunk, pushing in one ALONE against DDs and CAs are suicide. I wouldn’t have minded pushing up in a Thunderer if the situation was good for it, in fact I WILL push in one when the situation calls for it. But pushing into a cap that our CA/DD is fleeing from with two agressive torp boats and a top end CA sitting in it (that I can’t see because again our CA and DD are fleeing) is just a good way to commit suicide.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly like the Thunderer, it’s damage often feels empty. Rarely do I feel like it’s 150-200k per match damage is making a difference in a way it sort of feels like a CV, as it grind its way to insane damage numbers and badges, so I get other player’s frustrations. I’ve been playing my DDs more in silver-ranked thus far anyway because that feels more impactful on the course of a match, but none of this changes the fact the thunderer is a poor in close support BB, there are countless crusiers which do the job much better

  3. If the “1975” in the smolensk’s name is his age then I don’t know. A 45/46 year old behaving like this is ridiculous

    • Majestic Hotwings

      @Thörne Tæylür sounds like that dude gets totally invited out a lot, I will just never understand the sheer willingness people have to be just absolute dicks to others for no apparent reason. Why would he bother trying to mock some dudes who have probably seen more of this world than he will ever hope to, they certainly won’t really care, like is he THAT miserable that he feels the need to actively seek negativity and ruin the enjoyment for other people? Honestly, I see things like this and just think about how pathetic that guy probably is in real life, there’s no way he’s happy with himself. When I see shenanigans like this in-game, I might probe them to see if it’s intentional, if so then I chuckle a bit, then immediately block messages in-game and blacklist them, and go on my merry way, but then again I also intentionally stay away from competitive (even if the coal and steel ships are so interesting), so I can see this being unbelievably frustrating to know that your time in a competitive setting is being deliberately wasted

    • Thörne Tæylür

      @Majestic Hotwings sadly its the internet and it brings out the worst in people. As far as what that dude did it was intentional as him and his clan call “int’ing” aka intentional throwing.

    • Thörne Tæylür

      Otherwise known as griefing. Since you’re intentionally choosing to not play the game. Pretty sure stuff like whats shown in this video violates wgs EULA but doubt they actually do anything about it.

    • Age doesn’t mean they grew up.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      @Thörne Tæylür WG rarely does

  4. Thörne Tæylür

    This is why I stopped playing ranked my dude. I don’t think this was a coincidence seeing some of those clan tags in that match. More than likely they knew you and decided to grief you because of it. In particular that smolensk and daring.

  5. For griefing you need to raise a ticket via customer support and nobody knows what WG is doing about those. The sheer hassle you have to go through to even raise such a ticket is … mind blowing.

    • From your game launcher its 4 clicks to reach the point were you can choose to report a player.. total hassle.. yap^^ Literally four clicks, five if you have to open the game launcher first.^^
      Click on “Help” (thats the speach bubble with the questionmark) – click on “Wargaming player support” – choose “Warships” – scroll down and click the BIG ORANGE BUTTON “Contact Support” Done.

  6. First time in ranked? I was in a bronze match yesterday. I sneaked capped at the beginning of the match, and had the audacity to say “hey italian BB, can you please support A, you are useless over here, no reds” he then shot me, said watch me be useless, and steamed to the edge of the map. Laughed when I died, but at that point I had two caps and three kills, so at least I did not lose my star.

  7. Hey man, I am realy sorry you had to see this – to be honest I am not a very good player. I am that casual Sunday and Afternoon play four Random matches Dad type of player. Even worse I bought some T8 Premiums but to be honest – I realy love the game – the Sound and the learning curve. I had some of the greatest laughs because of some funny Chats. Not all players are like that and in my 800 matches (i know not much compared to you). I had some really helpful tipps in chat and I think at least in my two favourite ships the Alaska and Massa i am an at least average player. I love to support DDs and enjoy when they notice that – the teamplay aspect is really great with a great team. I hope the frustration doesnt get you – it suckst they wount be banned for this but keep in heart that was one of many games and there are quite some players out there like me who are willing to learn, enjoy push and brawl with you 🙂

    • DItto for me Pacman. I also agree with Ed a few spots up that the replay should be sent to WOWS.

    • So glad you find the game enjoyable Clyde. I play daily, but usually only 3-4 games after the kiddos are in bed. It’s sad to see people take something that should be a fun experience and try to ruin it for others. Keep after it, good luck out there!

    • A Dream In Roblox

      For f2p games World of Warships is on the better side. Unfortunately mishandling led it to frustration.

      Anyway good luck!

  8. I disabled chat from day 1 and it’s wonderful.

  9. It’s funny that one of those players was on my blacklist before I even saw this video.

    • @fluffysnowgryph Whats Doss mean??

    • @Lick Kitty Split sorry, my smooth brain spelling at work lol.
      ddosing, the process of using bots to spam your Ip and internet connection with junk data to the point that is causes you to be forced offline, it’s a very effective form of cheating. I do know a few controversial clans was banned for doing that exact thing in clan battles last year.

    • Does Blacklisting people have an actual effect? Like, apart from the Chatting? Blacklisting would be useful if you never would be matched with them again

    • @Onauc C unfortunately, it only blocks chat and personal messaging, occasionally I see a toxic potato that I have highlighted in the team lineups

    • @Onauc C well it kinda makes them less likely to be match with you but the effect is negligible, it be nice if you had a feature to not be matched with someone on your blacklist but that’s a negative too as if enough people do it then it makes the wait times even worse.

  10. The awesome Day9 said something quite fitting here: It’s usually never the actual kids who are toxic – they just aren’t that much invested in the game. They rather just turn off the game and do something else. Not so much true for adults who think too highly of themselves.

    • It’s a historical warship veneer glazed over essentially a slot machine gambling device. The game will only ever deliver when participants open their wallets. What more do you expect from “free to play”? AKA “Slots”. It’s designed to make you suffer until you pay up.

    • @Michael F or you know, you can just play another game? it seems that you are proving the OP’s comment

  11. Exactly! I’ve played with that Daring before and he acted like that too

    • Yeah that’s all that this guy does, I’ve had in a game before too. He just greifs his team when he thinks they have no chance

    • Well then go get your replay and send it in to the player support and i garantie you he will get banned for some time.
      If nobody takes some time to contact player support nothing will improve or happen to those players.

  12. The most revolting is, when the Smolensk player breaks off, saying: “have fun being farmed” because one asshole left the game after another asshole suicided. But someone left behind still trying to play, not joining them leaving the game – and you also get these good wishes.
    As PQ says at the videos end: “its not the aircraft carriers i hate the most, not HE spam” but the people👍There is a reason i do not differentiate enemy or friendly team. There are only enemies. No need to regret this, if you meat someone you like, and helps you out, you will still notice.

  13. I would also blame wargaming for this, because they let stupid people in the game instead of banning them. This game could be so much more but money is much more important than player base and fun 🙁

    • @Mr Hoplite 30k maybe on NA mate, on EU when it’s CB time there’s 32k+ people online. Plus minus here there are about 80-90k active accounts (means at least played few battles in the last month) . The overall number of all registered accounts on EU from WoWs numbers is 176k accounts.

    • A Dream In Roblox

      You’re asking people to not play a game, not a good idea. Instead, I’d go for skill-based matchmaking, in every gamemode. Otherwise yeah, fuck it

    • They ban people like this, it just has to be reported to the player support. And not many people know of this or are willing to do it. People rather complain about it instat of puting this complaint afford into reporting them to the player support.
      Just a few clicks from your game launcher and its done.

    • @ragnitoc If you want that people use your feature you make it easy for them and not difficult. In almost every game you can report players for x reasons without leaving the game. In order to report a player on their website you need his name. And I doubt that you can link the game for evidence.
      But whatever, I stop playing this game and maybe return if they change enough for the better

    • @Alex Müler Thats what screenshots and replays are for… so that you dont have to remember the players name^^
      And to create a little hurdle so players have to click a few times more to report some one, prevents being flooded by unjustified reports, just because some one got his feelings hurt^^
      If you were realy upset with something happening, just go threw the proces of reporting via support and things are gonna happen. Its realy not that hard its like 4 click from your game launcher to reach the point were you can choose why you would want to report some one.

  14. Potato; “It seems this would be a ban able offence”
    It is IF WG would get off their arse and ban players for breaking the rules. They don’t however they give players a slap on the wrist and allow them to continue with their bad behaviour.

    • The game would already be dead as who would risk paying money on a game you could get banned from?

    • You can and you will get banned for such offenses. It just has to be reportet to the player support. And they will not get perma banned at first, but they will be banned for some time and when they keep doing it and some one is there to report it to the player suport again.. there punishment will increse. There is a thing like a 3 strike rule. Do 3 offenses and youre out for good. This strike rule dose apply to cheating for sure and for banable offenses too i think.

  15. For the Hindenburg, I salute for his torps that couldn’t even sink a DD but caused himself further punished being among such players

  16. Oh man, I knew sooner or later someone would make a video featuring HarryWaters. Every single game I had with him, the exact same thing happened. Feel bad for anyone that ever sees his name on their team.

  17. Worst part of the game is the players. Yup, I agree.

  18. “Says the dead guy! I’m still alive.” -Them in chat.

  19. Oh shit! I played with this HarryWaters guy. He is sooooo toxic and that’s not the first time he is done that

  20. Generally speaking, the main issue facing humanity at this moment is people… I don’t understand what got their panties in a bunch like that.

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