The Worst Ship In World of Warships WOWS

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A horrible battle in a horrible ship.


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  1. Feels like Italians BBs

  2. I would take kansas anyday over the IJN light cruisers

  3. Some Irrelevant Guy

    If we’re going off of the worst BB, Kansas takes the spot, but the worst ship definitely is Tiger 59′

  4. When I received Kansas I think I went 0 for 8 and sold it and some other ships I didn’t like to move past it. I had a 73% win rate in its successor.

  5. I vote for Marco Polo. Worst trash in my port.

  6. If you think Kansas ist bad, play Minnesota and you will see – its only getting worse. I will buy the Vermont and hope its just as bad as Kansas!

  7. It has excellent AA and as you noticed, a very tight turning circle. It also has good range for its tier. Besides the guns sucking, the fat superstructure and armor design just causes every AP round to pen. Thus you can’t tank at mid-range (like you were trying to do). Best you can do is leverage your range to shoot at people who can’t shoot back.

  8. I personally LOVE Kansas. It should be on tier IX, when Minnesota should be in tier VIII, not vice versa. It’s basically the mix of all the best, the definition of “quality by quantity” approach. The steamroller that grinds through enemies slowly, but steadily. Tier IX guns combined with armor that is… Well, tanky, thanks to the thick belt and actually small superstructure (compare it with Minnesota’s floating city), as well as tuned repair party and long dcp. It is not the tankiest, but combination of long dcp, decent armor and “30-40” repair allows it to stay afloat simply due to a sheer HP ammount.
    And… Well… It SLAPS. Because having 12 guns with decent accuracy and one of the best pen values on this tier is… A good combination. Poor accuracy combined with gun quantity basically gurantees you at least one hit even with some serious aim mistakes, and this one hit probably would be a citadel thanks to that insane pen… And if you can afford approaching closer, then it probably would be *more* than one hit…

    So it yielded in solid 64% winrate after roughly 170 battles. And I really love this ship.

    P.S. Don’t be afraid to play closer. It can and will survive for as long as you can manouver your speed to dodge torps. In battle like yours, when hawke and constellation are agianst you, and you don’t see dangerous torpedo DDs in roster, literally the best tactics on Kansas would be to rush forward full steam ahead. Since your guns can pen both of them frontally with ease, and even cit Hawke, while they can’t technically damage you faster than you can heal.

  9. The best thing about it is it leads to the Vermont.

  10. Worst of its tier, maybe. But the worst ship in the game is a title reserved for the Tiger’59!

    • Same tier aren’t they? I do ok in the Tiger

    • @AndyTheCupid you’re right. Guess I downtiered Tiger in my mind.
      And of course you can do okay in it – thats technically possible with every ship. But from my experience its so much harder than in other T8 ships.

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