The WoWs CC Dumpster fire – A Summary

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The World of Warships Community Contributor program was recently met with a mass exodus of some of its most influential members. Here’s what happened.

Complaining about predatory gambling mechanics in WOWS to get the age rating raised is the ONLY thing that’s going to make listen or care.

PEGI Complaints (EU):
ESRB Complaints (NA):

Stop giving WG money until they start showing the playerbase respect! Do not harass the CCs that decided to stay! They are on our side.

Also, Yuro got kicked from the CC program.


  1. Wait, let me get some popcorn.

  2. Can’t wait for the next part of this chaos Wargaming have created for themselves in the near future because I have a feeling this is far from over.

    • My prediction, WG break inside, but doesnt show to us how chaos they are. They’ll blame someone or some group to keep their name clean. Less respond to any problem they made and still continue their shit until steam and other site block their game from the store… Thats the idea, report/make appointment to steam to remove wows from store so wargambling take their step to be better. Ah nevermind, wg just gonna sue someone and make a request to put wows again and still gonna make problems.

    • Next part is wg pretends than nothing happened, the space is filled by new CCs who don’t give a fuck and everything stays the same. Nothing will change while idiots keep paying them money and there is no shortage of idiots with deep enough pockets and short enough attention span. It’s been like that for 11 years, believing that anything will change now is nothing but wishful thinking.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      And to think if people wouldnt have bought crates like the world was ending

    • Next will be in world of tanks , xD

  3. Juicy Juicy WG’s tears.

  4. As an Ex player of this (AHEM) “FREE TO PLAY GAME”, I fully support the People who have morals, aka the EX CC’s, don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing those who choose to stay in the CC program, but I will say those who left have been saying how increasingly worried they were with how WG were approaching the game aimed at 7 y.o plus players, and how the “gamble boxes” were creeping into the game. Best thing to do with W.G is to refuse to pay anything towards this game

  5. We need a “World of Warships – Best of Disaster”

  6. The most informative shitpost I’ve ever watched

  7. I freakin’ love it. Hopefully WG execitives start hurting badly because many players stop spending money and the community starts teaming up to force this company to improve and balance their game. This is the only lamguage these money obsessed people understand

    • @SpartiuS94 True. They have so many ways of monetizing everything that they will always find a new scam to pull off. They will never stop but I can deal with that through not spending anything. I just hate it when the game gets so bad that the players cannot enjoy the game anymore. Unlimited broken premium ships, carrier balance etc. Anyway, one can still hope that the news articles force something that is actually good for the game to apeace the community.

    • @Manuel i wouldn’t hold my breath. If anything, learn from World of Tanks. Has that game improved or is it getting even worse? Whatever happens in that game happens here a few years later. I stopped enjoying the game so i stopped playing the game. It’s simple. I’m not gonna spend my time on something that drains me. I play to escape pressure, not to cause it.

    • @SpartiuS94 did you ever consider its not the job of the community contributors to just tell wg what they a re doing wrong? Wg is going to look for new ways to get money. I’m not justifying this missouria gamba shit but that’s a fact.

    • @m0ntheg3rs okay and? Did I say it was their job to tell WG they’re wrong? What are you even arguing here?

    • @SpartiuS94 Well, I just enjoy the community getting angry with WG and their most recent scam to blow up more than usual but since we know WG they wont change a bit. Even if Jingles gets WoWs to 18+, which wont happen, they wont care. Most of their money doesnt come from them so they are upset but actually putting a lot of ressources and thus money into improving the game WITHOUT direct profits, no way that happens. Maybe when they fear not being able to fullfil their monetary standards no matter what they do and cannot get enough new customers, then they might think about what all the people left want to come back. Before that tho, we would have to suffer many more years of the show we have right now because they will ignore everything and wait until the community rage dies down. Next time they come up with something outraging just to make the community feel they won when they back down after a revolt but introduce exactly what they planned anyway. Everything else was, is and will always be communication errors.
      Even if the playerbase is halfed, they will just pump money into advertisement or game content (aka loot boxes, premium ships, …, …, …, …).

  8. That flute Wargambling marketing Department part absolutly killed me. Subscribed.

  9. Let’s be honest this should be applied to all Wargaming games not just wows

    • SShould be applied to all shady F2p games

    • World of tanks has a similar money grab situation while nothing is done to balance and fix the game or listen to the community…

    • It is called WarGambling, or Scamgaming – and this has been their real name for a long time.

    • It’s getting worse with Blitz. Every month now, an 80 stage event to get yet another re-skinned tier 6 tank.
      Though at the first stage if you buy the premium pass you get a tier 4 tank they removed from the tech tree and premium shop. At level 35 you get the tier 6 tank.

  10. Droid Motorola 388

    “But wait guys we changed! You can now do a campaign to be able to buy the Missouri (with real money)”

    – Wargambling

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus


    • Not only you have to do the campaign but now they also have “technical difficulties” that make it impossible for them to add the Missouri to the regular shop to buy directly, instead you have to contact support so they can help you processing the purchase. This so that the least amount of people are aware of that option and instead go buy the lootboxes

  11. Would have been amazing if you had included Jingles call to action.
    In case anyone missed it, here you go:

  12. I appreciate the “Rush E” in the background, a very fitting song!

  13. When I started playing, years ago I bought the USS Texas and the ‘Weekend Pass’ twice or so. Never did spend any more money on the game, and never will. And lets be honest, it’s not the game that is bad, it’s the creators that are bad. I will continue to play (and tbf enjoy – unlike some of my friends) this game, because I’m a historian, if it’s at least partly or loosely based in history, I will play it. Just don’t spend money on it. Peace out, love y’all.

    • But that is my biggest issue with the game (WOWS and WOT) – they started off advertising and marketing them as being based in real life stats but have basically turned everything into an arcade style Pachinko game, complete with the flashing lights and random loot drops.

      I am okay with some hefty nods to playability and market appeal over realism, but when a ships armour, HP and gun ratings can all be changed on a whim for play balance (mainly because 90% of the ships are now pure fantasy – Russian CVs anyone ) the game is nothing more than a Skinner Box designed to suck coins out of 9 year olds.

    • Have you tried the game “War on the Sea”? It’s still somewhat early and the game is being worked on, but for better historic accuracy and naval battles it’s a pretty cool game! At the moment they focus on the Guadalcanal Campaign between USN and IJN, and you can play both in driving the opposing force out of the Solomons

  14. Major Disappointment

    I respect their decision to quit and i agree with them in many respects and i won’t try to bash the others whom wish to stay if i were them i probably would find it hard to leave also with all the perks. Thanks for the brief videos of the Twitch streamers.

  15. Great video, sir!!! and a very powerful message in the end. I fully support that 3:30

  16. “what a fucking relief this is” – Mr. Gibbons

  17. I recommend checking out Jingles latest video, where he has a solution to make it hurt…
    At least a bit.

  18. Who remembers the Christmas convoy….those were the days when we thought that was the height of PR desasters.

  19. Just as I started to pick the game back up again out of curiosity to see where it’s at.

    Apparently not only did things not get better, they somehow managed to get even *worse.*

  20. So I played on the console version and I gotta say when I finally got a PC that could run it and When I saw an ad for a ship that was $70 I thought they were giving me inflation prices. Like why would I pay $70 for a single ship. And every camo seems to cost $20. WTF. I am not giving them a dime.

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