The Yamato in World of Warships Legends (Best Moments)

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A compilation of my best moments and memes in the Japanese Legendary tier Battleship: Yamato

Queen – Another one bites the dust
Attack on Titan/turbo – Guren no Yumiya eurobeat remix
Kasabian – Fire
Neo Nomen – Karlson Trailer OST


  1. Legend 🤣👍❤️

  2. Your vids are great

  3. How did you get so good i still cant hit a citadel

  4. Not the best clips in the world but i can’t bring myself to play anymore legendary tier, it’s so painfully dull.

    oh and i’m a CC now 😀

  5. Im just absoultely dying lmao so good, playing this shit on loop

  6. 2:15 had me spit my baguette

  7. Lmfao entertaining AF mate some nice shooting there captain and some good editing too keep them coming bro .

  8. The service costs on this thing are just absolutely insane… this is the reason i don’t play with her very often.

  9. Athanasios Kokkalis

    insane vid .Pls make one of the same with GK 😀

  10. Gk isn’t as good and they buffed yamato since last year whenever they gave it to everybody to play it had terrible accuracy and they fooled me into getting GK

  11. When I say that I fell out of my chair laughing I mean it!! Your videos make my whole week 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Ахахха, просто огонь!)))

  13. Has kind of a dollerplays feel. I like it.

  14. The emperor most definitely approves.

  15. The AOT remix makes this a true work of art

  16. Congrats on becoming a Community Contributor. Best of luck to you dude, I mean captain.

    And yeah, Legends is pretty dull at the moment. Either you steamroll them or get curb stomped, it’s almost always one sided.

    Legends as in the ships, not the game lol. It’s still absolutely fun.

  17. Ich musste schon wieder so viel lachen🤣
    P.s. Flex tape thats a lot of damage. Geiles MEME

  18. Heh, wish I had those potatoes more often. Usually they are all in my team.

  19. Yamato : OVERMATCH WINS
    Akizuki : lul I don’t even pen 32mm

  20. One of the best edited videos I’ve seen on YouTube. You made my day dude! Thank you very much

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