The Yukikaze in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments, memes and a summary of my thoughts on the Tier 6 Japanese Destroyer: Yukikaze


  1. This video is a surprise for sure, but a welcoming one.

  2. You should try the Scharnhorst next.

  3. Japanese destroyers are so good. The first destroyer line that I immediately finished completing.

  4. A Nice balanced ship ^^

  5. It is indeed pretty good, until you run into an Orkan, than… well…

  6. Can you please make a vid with all you’re stats like battles played most played ship avarage damage

  7. Man I guess the Yuki is a gunboat now!

  8. Can we see the Vladivostok or Udaloi next? Love your channel 👍

  9. Yes! I love the gunboat Yukikaze build it’s a true hunter killer. The dpm catches gunboats by surprise. I got Tbull to try it once. I add Mordoff as well to double down on dirtiness!

  10. I’ve got my yuki’s torp speed up to about 85 knts and still got a decent gun build going

  11. This ship has some killer guns. Slow reload but they hit hard! Torp speed is ridiculous too.

  12. World of Warships with Destructionist

    Ahhh the good old Yukikaze, the sister to the infamous Kagero

  13. I wish I got that same rng in my Japanese destroyers.


    I love this boat and it’s nuclear rocket torpedoes. A monster at tier 6.

    I’ll have to try kurita with the gunboat build sometime. That HE can really slap DDs hard every salvo.

  15. R A G P batle epics

    You are so good whit the torpedo… Your chanell is pure Golden 👌

  16. Hirohito would be proud of you. (Japanese Imperial Emperor).

  17. The detonation mefal is basically a participation trophy

  18. Who would have thought about doing a gunboat build on this ship!

  19. My highest kill count in a match was with this ship.

  20. Have you tried the 92 knot torps 🤣

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