The Yuudachi (Poi!) Review No One Asked For | World of Warships

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Shoutouts to my friend Yuu-chan for being the best poi! ❤️

New to Warships?

It’s 2AM I will write the songs when I can.


  1. almost got pranked again, nice job Narmo

  2. Return of the Quality Content

  3. Spartan Loves Bacon

    Almost thought this was a repeat of a previous episode that was nothing but that damn clown

  4. Thanks for the PTSD flashbacks with that opening dena

  5. Spectacular_Insanity

    The worst part of all this? The Yuudachi is still more fun than the Shiratsuyu. Ugh.

  6. “The playerbase as a whole should forget its existence.”
    Prior to this video, I did forget.

  7. >”playing azur lane on their phone”. How did he know?

  8. Angry Pepper shaker



    Doing inside jokes now are we?

  9. LG COC The Lagging Offencoch

    Oh….not again!
    Ok, an actual video this time, nice.
    Sugestion: could you make a vid about the Okt. Rev. ? Or maybe a video about one of the Pan Asian ships?
    Congrats on the 10k subs, your discord server is nice.

  10. Russian Navy crushes all according to Wargaming. All other Navy’s strengths will be crushed. So say Stalin!

  11. Stalker of the Week

    I see the ruski devs are still salty about Tsushima.

  12. “Yuudachi, for the people that still dab on 2020 and think the best anime is Sword Art Online.”


  13. Yuudachi huh? Poor boat. Didn’t deserve the WG treatment. But at least, when you die to one, you can rest assured that you just made some depressed poiboat very happy. I think that is a nice thought.

  14. *Sad poi noises*

  15. Ey nice, the fire force ed. I see you are also a man of culture oh lord of dankness.

  16. “A battleship driver that are to focused on playing azur lane on their phone”

    Idk why but i feel attacked

  17. “opens azur lane the second the clown meme starts”
    “feels attacked for playing azur lane”
    “crying while going into the 3-4 fox mines”

  18. @Captain Edward /s

    my point stands.

  19. @KineticRhyme Yes, Yuudachi has 4.9k more damage per fish… but Halland has more fish (10 fish in total vs Yuudachi 8 fish).
    Sure, Yuudachi has a reload booster… but Halland has actual Daka :^)

  20. 1. Halland has 86kts torp speed not 95kts (u used the skill, modul which makes it uncomparable)

    2. Halland does 10700 dmg, Yudachi 15600 dmg

    3. Halland has 10 torps, Yudachi 16 (with torp reload)

    4. Halland has no option for smoke (which is important to say, cause of cv meta…)

    5. TX vs TVII

    If I let it “sink”, I see no problem.

  21. @not interesting I do want to point out that Halland does have a pretty scary AA for a DD.
    Sure, he’ll not turn into a “no-fly zone” but he’ll still fight back to CVs pretty hard.

  22. B A L A N S

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