The ZF-6 in World of Warships Legends

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A compilation of my funny moments and memes in the Tier 7 German Destroyer: ZF-6

My Build:

TMNT IV – Sewer Surfin’
Smash Bros Brawl – Waluigi pinball


  1. Great vid keep it up

  2. ” *_Everybody gangsta till’ pG x RaPiDzZ is in the game._* “

    • If I ever find a content creator in the game who’s making a video. I just hope I either sink him or just get sunk while not doing something too stupid :3

  3. LMAO the Jojo memes at the end hahahaha

  4. Zf-6, the ap spammer. The first of its kind….;)

  5. I use the Hollween commander with this DD. reallz crazy 😀

  6. With the CV commander, you can have one more fast reload :p

  7. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    This channel is gold

  8. There is way too much JoJo here ! I’m happy !!!

  9. Remind me to never mess with that ship

  10. 4:21 where the best part start ❤️

  11. I didnt think the zf6 would be that good so I got the orkan instead and loving it. Definitely should make a video in it clapping some lolibotes

  12. I have been waiting for this….

    Edit: Hey, I know that Mario Song

  13. Love the vid, absolutely amazing, just 2 questions. Why is the concealment 5.8km? What is the commander build used for this video?

  14. Hey man best video of yours I’ve seen yet. Excellent. Falling over laughing at the rapid fire.

  15. Christopher Breidy

    Today i could’ve clutched a 150k game with the zf6.
    All my team died except a Baltimore and in the other team they had a Sharnhorst and a Cleveland (her health was 2k). We were winning on points and we had 50s on the timer . I was spotting them undetected and my dumbass opened fire on the Cleveland and i died so we lost on points 🙃👏

  16. Meanwhile me that outguns ZF-6 that have rld booster enabled with Akatsuki

  17. Unfortunate Watcher

    German secondaries in Legends are insane. I was playing a cruiser and got melted by Genisenau’s secondaries within seconds of being nearby. He didn’t even have to look at me to erase my health.

  18. You’re editing is somthing to be admired, just makes everything 10 times more funny 😂

  19. I remember killing you in a game before that’s where I remember that name

  20. This is beautiful

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