They Call Me LET ME AT ‘EM aka Edgar – World of warships

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Here’s a crazy RADAR Edgar match I recently played. Edgar is one of my fav superships, and it is absolutely brutal.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 3111-Sairam Shift 1

    like always great game sense

  2. What’s better than enemy CV getting sunk?

    A: Friendly CV also getting sunk. CVs deserve nothing but death, regardless of which team they’re on!

  3. Eh I wanted to see that massage in port 😅
    But ggs , I want to finally learn to play with radar.

  4. Holy crap that reload by the end of the battle… no need for the funny button at all LOL

  5. 1.1m credits in profit from playing a supership. The mad lad!

  6. Imaging Ms. Citadele standing in the door, filming him everytime getting a kraken of sth. else and sending this video to all of her friends „look at my silly boyfriend“ 😂😅

  7. That moment the ship you bought as a reward to yourselves. Now rendered completely obsolete by a all dominating disintegration ray firing ship . Was there any gap between shells.

  8. Down with the piggies! This could well be a speshul 🤣

  9. 6:38 not a single HP point lost. That is luck, if that was me I would have been as*rap*d by that Edgar or some BB shooting from 18km away.
    EDIT: no one shot at him until 7:40, only torps until then.

  10. Unsurprising you like thr Edgar, yon called your Mino your Battlewagon!

  11. weren’t superships supposed to be credit sinks? awesome game, mr strima

  12. “6 minutes. 173 thousand damage.”

    And still not a scratch on the paint. Enemy missed a memo.

  13. I like how that Harugomo was absolutely no help at all. Typical useless DD play 🤣.

  14. I reported flambass a million times: for humor, skill, knowledge, overview and beeing freindly.

  15. I fail to see how ships like these are fun for the guy on the receiving end, tho..

  16. Remember when we thought Smol was the most op broken ship in the game? Hahaha WG hold my beer!

  17. OK, you might need a trigger warning for 11:50 onwards, mate.

  18. whenever i consider reinstalling warships, i just look at your supership games … i no longer want to get back into wows after seeing how superships are still vs normal ships

  19. You made quick work of that CV. Edgar is such a beast.
    Great video Flambino!

  20. I enjoy watching you play and kick butt with OP ships like Edgar, but how about playing a less-than spectacular ship like say Gokase?

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