They REALLY Wanted Me DEAD – World of Warships

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This was one hell of a struggle for my life from start to finish.

Sometimes you have a target on your back and somebody wants you dead no matter what. What makes your life super hard is when that someone happens to be a carrier.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Merry Xmas Flambass, hope you have a good one

  2. The only working defense against CVs/Subs are bad players

  3. When the enemy combined forces is focus firing a single french cruiser but failed and lost the whole game… 100 IQ play😂😂😂

  4. Merry Christmas Dude! To endure that and still keep your good humour is a cracking example to the rest of us who get to experience WG’s RNG.

  5. @RasmusDyhrFrederiksen

    Great game 😉 Cherbourg is a tough, hardhitting little bugger 😉

  6. You can really really tell that the carrier player can easily win it and lose it for the team. Imagine if you played vs someone who had the slightest idea to launch torps vs your broadside instead of your bow????? Love it when all players can make an equal contribution/non-contribution, really adds to the engagement /s

  7. This belongs into a Jingles video

  8. Merry Christmas Flambass. Santa gave you that CV player. THanks for all the entertainment over the last 7 years.

  9. This 25 second reload on a cruiser is painful.

  10. A great Christmas gift : piggy panic

  11. Me : How are you stil alive ?
    Flambass : I dont know !

  12. That’s the exact bs I have to put up with every match. Cruisers sailing full broadside to me and they never get punished for it but they set me on fire with every HE round they fire.

  13. Health down to 768 first time. Second time 348!

  14. They were looking to get that very rare I nailed flambass flag. Merry Christmas

  15. awesome finish. had me on the edge of my seat til the very end.

  16. @jonathanbaron-crangle5093

    Good game, great WASD hax, cherry on the top being a dead CV 🙂

  17. Very nicely done; even the CVs magnetic cloak of dispersion couldn’t protect him from you in the end 🙂
    Season’s greetings to everyone!

  18. Nice, and Merry Christmas! Another ship I sold long ago because it was crap. Then re-bought it because the ship wasn’t the problem. . . (Not a money-making transaction, by the way.)

  19. Nice job against the Takao, by the way. That is a strong Tier VIII cruiser, and people playing it did not come into the game last week.

  20. @christophersims7060

    Merry Christmas! Great game!

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