They wanted MIDDLE so we bombed them – World of Warships

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Enemy team really wanted to get me killed and claim the middle.

Soooo we bombed the crap out of them and showed them whats what.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yes, Musashi = Yamato. Close enough

  2. Man, your team really came back to bail you out there.

  3. Flambass is officially a CV main now.

  4. so is flambass a carrier main now?

  5. That first donation though 😂

  6. flambass suffering the jingles syndrome calling a musashi a yamato ^^

  7. “he took that Yama down”, “I’ve got to help our Yamato, I just… oh, a butterlfy!” Yes, our Baby-Jingles princess, the derp is strong in him! LOL

  8. On other real-life news, we just heard that Moskva isn’t that OP after all 😂

  9. I still think the best way to use Eagles jet rockets is to line it up bow to stern/ vice versa, and rake along the surface of the ship. The rockets seem to have a long forward strafe pattern, so ideally you’d want to be able to hit the most surface area, rather than line up at a broadside, where half the rockets just shoot past the ship. That’s just my thoughts on the rocket planes 🤷

  10. So Musashi = Yamato now eh?
    Looks like the truth is out now boys, Flambass is the son of Jingles! 🤣

  11. 8:00 Musashi: ‘Kept you waiting huh?’

  12. The enemies artificial Reef program was a success

  13. I`d rather watch a mediocre cruiser or DD game than a good CV one,
    boring to play, boring to watch.
    But after tons of great content there is bound to be some lesser ones.

  14. I Wonder which super cv is the real better one. I saw gangbareng Made 410k dmg in one Match of his last streams with the united states.

  15. Had a 330k game in u.s
    These either have less armor than normal 10s or theres so many high caliber guns seems easy to snipe them with a little coordination
    Do sub torps only stop locking at 1km for bbs? On my dd they followed up till Impact and after damage conning

  16. C10wiremantaw Wallace

    not very often can a BB remove 43 enemy aircraft up the middle, but I managed to do it this time. lol was a good match.

  17. Flambass doing a Notser…. My day is complete.

  18. So planes that fly significantly faster than prop planes get shot down so much faster? where’s the logic in that

  19. I wanted to see the last tab. Curious to see how much credits you lose for doing so well.

  20. no fun allow, only HIM can have fun in the middle XD

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