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Listen to what I’m saying and ignore what you’re seeing. Your eyes are lying to you and they will deceive you. Trust my words, not my deeds.

Repeat after me:

This is a bad ship

I will not spend any money on this ship

This is a bad ship

I will not….

It’s not working is it?


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  1. But there is a carrier in the battle. I just saw you carry that team.

  2. So santa crates to get one then😉

  3. convey is that one friend who does the least amount work in a group when the group is assigned some work but provides the group with all the stuff they require .

  4. I miss the days when the atlanta was the fre spam ship we had to worry about

    • @Mike Lolipop fuck off eh?

    • I remember Atlanta was actually a meme premium when she came out because her turrets would just die as anything hit

    • @Feanor n Actually they’re identical now because they made the ARP ships’ appearance into permanent camos and they give concealment now.(You can even swap it out if you don’t like it)

    • @K街 Yeah i know. I use Yamamoto on Takao and diferent camos.
      Little Girls with squeak voices commanding Warships is nothing i can stand. Weird af imo.
      Is it really the same concealment now as on Atago ? Nice 🙂

    • @john love No u fuck off ur the one who started it.

  5. Operation Narai farmer that’s all I use it for

  6. Matthieu Xagorarakis

    Notser said the same thing in his “Austin” vidéo. No CV games when playing it.

  7. LOL, this is some Reverse-Murphy Law. I saw it every day when I worked in IT support. I would come to the office and ppl would go “look, this piece of shit just wouldn’t star… WTF? I swear I couldn’t make it start whole morning! What did you do???” Hahaha

    • It happens everywhere. Yesterday i complained to tech departament about faulty sensor in a machine I’m operating. They sent electrician my way. He spent nearly an hour looking at this damn thing working flawlessly, and making acerbic comments at me. Fifteen minutes after he left, that goddamn piece of poo started glitching again. Murphy is a bastard and a troll.

  8. To be fair given what happened to Atlanta and her sister ship at Guadacanal – spam and get hammered is pretty realistic! Shes not a bad ship – just unforgiving (requires more intervention from Mr. Conway than most…), I swear if I’d been in the situations Flambass got him in in that game I’d have died several times over – alot of it is Flambass’s accuracy though, the ships spotting him didn’t last long!

  9. Any ship that Flambass fails to do 200K dmg in is a shitshow. 😀

  10. Ah – Flambass in the USS Conway. Can’t lose!

  11. Atlanta is one of those high risk, high reward type of ships. You have to really know what you are doing while playing that ship.

    • And thats why I might get her.
      High Skillfloor and high rewards

    • I’ve spent a lot of hours in Atlanta, and no one is going to learn how to play Atlanta from watching this video. Flambass was *trying* to die here. He was baiting the red team into shooting him so he could show how squishy it is. 9.9 times out of ten they will gladly take you up on that offer! An Atlanta in the open means easy XP for the other guys. It’s a slow, paper armored, no HP, easy kill with guns that can’t hit you from 8km if you have a working rudder. The hardest part about killing an Atlanta is learning that AP goes right through its flat broadside so you want to shoot when it’s angled. If Atlanta’s fighting a team of non-morons then you hump islands like you’re making babies and beg DDs for smoke cover or else you’re back in the lobby before the first cap is done.

      The one thing Flam does that people can learn from here is DD denial. If you’re in a DD, Atlanta becomes a scary beast if she can surprise you inside of 8km. By keeping himself visible he’s pushing the red DDs back outside of the cap zone, which effectively neuters the red team’s ability to contest any useful territory. He should have been killed for doing that, but again the reds had some sort of brain damage going here.

    • @Tim F Thank you for your comprehensive and informative comment. I happen to agree with you too.

    • @Legendendear if you want skills then Play Sovetsky Soyuz then Tell me if you are just Angled then Jean Bart can also Devastate you in the 5 minutes so think about it From Experience Speaking really Hard ship to play.
      Angle must within 10 degree then only the ships armour works otherwise you are dead on these ship.

  12. Remember when even T9 CV afraid of this ship

  13. Atlanta seems fun till you end up fighting mostly T9 battles.

  14. I remember when Atlanta used to be a really good fire starter and could create an airspace denial zone if played correctly , but nowadays… it’s free real estate

  15. This used to be a great ship… Deadly AA and a nightmare for BBs that got to close and got burned 🙂

  16. This was my first premium ship back in the days. I have 63% winrate (TerryTheFatShark) in a solo matches, but It’s just not the same right now (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

  17. Based on your recommendation I ran out and bought weed.

  18. The Tank Commander

    “This thing is bad” – Flambass
    “Don’t say that when Rita is watching, Flambass! She’ll kick your arse for that!” – The Tank Commander

  19. “It’s Conway…I swear!!!” LOL

  20. “Y there’s nobody on my side?!” – welcome to WoWS 2021. The WoT 2014 choo choo finally has arrived.😆

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