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When brilliant minds get put together.

This season of ranked is beyond speshul.

What I hate the most about it is the fact I have no choice in the matter and I HAVE TO play with bronze and in bronze league 1st season.

I wish I could say silver and gold are gonna be better tho…

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  1. 2 different games in one video, good content:)

  2. Bartol Bilankov

    That minesweeper at the end was epic lol

  3. That moment when playing MS Minesweeper is more entertaining than WoWs Rank. (face palm)

  4. Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

    i got a 39% WR in this ranked season in bronze. I got to rank 2 with that (saved the star almost every loss)… before this season i had a 60% WR in Ranked. I am a free player and didn’t spent a single euro on this game and i think Wargaming is telling me to piss off.

    • Had the same issue actually (I am also a free player). My answer was simple, I started using Flint only Xd.

  5. Yup pretty much… I’m stuck in bronze for another week now, I’ve had such bad luck with teams, constant yolo team mates.

  6. Yep they tried to win harder than needed and snatched defeat from jaws of victory 🤣

    • I blame his teammate(s) who should’ve advised him to run and win. =9[.]9=

    • As soon as they had all 3 caps and were beginning to chase enemy team, Jingle´s voice appeared in my mind “Trying to win harder, are you?”.

  7. “We can’t lose now!” “Hold my sippy cup”

  8. Yup, vids like this keep proving why i was right to give up on this game after 3+yrs. Average IQ of player base is less than my first dump of the day! “we are 800 points clear, 30 secs to win, what do i need to do?” “just run” “fight the last enemy guaranteeing our loss?-ok no prob” The game just wasn’t worth the argo or the stress, and seems it still isn’t.

    • @William Child oh instead of shining with over average performance, you kept losing game after game, because your team sucks 😀 haha get lost, fool.

    • @F. Meyer Since the CV rework it, got far harder to carry. An when the felt impact of my gameplay decisions is wasted, because some bumblef tries to win harder, it gets frustrating. No sense in playing a toxic game myself, when I can watch Flambass or Flamu do it and paint my Warhammer miniatures at the same time.

    • @F. Meyer I did have over average performance, carried many games, had many unicum ships with an overall of 57% and climbing when I stopped, in fact my Eu reroll account has 71% and 4600 PR overall. So how about you get lost mr talk trash with no point.

    • @William Child fully triggered, still frustrated, dude you are pathetic to keep crying about a game you already uninstalled. please keep it off

    • @Raven Coldheart lol on rts cvs, you were dead on one attack run, if the cv was competent…. a rework was needed and it didnt got worse with it.

  9. Was actually saying to myself when you guys had 2 caps and sank both their dd’s and only lost 1 dd that your team would have to actively try to lose for you not to win and bam! Suddenly 3 ships down in under a minute

  10. Silent Assassin

    Literally all he had to do was stay behind the island so the Colorado couldn’t shoot him and it’d be a win. I don’t even bother with the game anymore because of this crap happening constantly. It’s too frustrating

    • Myself, I unsinstalled after the first videos of Dutch air strikes cropped up.

    • @Cancun771 I saw the one Flamu put up where an Alaska went from about 95% HP to about 10% HP in one air strike just minutes into the game. Yeah, screw that lol

  11. yeah, apt title XD btw, have you yet witnessed the Dutch airstrikes – and if yes, can we expect a vid about them in the near future?

  12. Remember back when Belfast having hydro and radar made it toxic and OP? Now every ship has hydro, radar, reload booster, speed booster, super heal and a 20%+ chance of fire.

    • Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

      yeah. every ships have all those OP stuffs but *sadly the player handling the ships don’t have enough mental capability to utilize them*

    • That’s actually bullsh*t. The definition of OP is that a few ships are so much more powerful than the rest, that it is actually unfair. If every ship is powerful no ship can be OP.

  13. The patient team won. The ‘push even though we are winning’ team lost.

  14. I love how the whole team says to ram, when all he had to do was turn around and sail away and do nothing and he would have won.

  15. I’m loving the maps in the bronze. The silver and gold maps are the same maps we played EVERY ranked season AND clan battles. Plus I get to play my Atlanta and crush. I’m gonna stay in bronze and seal club. Too much fun

  16. Gets 5 radars, uses one LOL

    Also staying silent until it is too late and allowing the trow ROFL

  17. Prince of Hyrule

    Your team did everything they possibly could to lose. The enemy team was playing so poorly, especially in the beginning of the match, and u still lost. Lol

  18. Saw this meme just yesterday:
    “So we can just sit back and win?”
    “Should we instead rush in like apes?”
    “(⚈ ̫ ⚈)”

    How very fitting

    • Chomas Thesterson

      “Yasss ramm himm, ,very good idea”

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      @Chomas Thesterson To be fair, assuming both died it actually would have been. If the last ship on both teams dies at the same time, whichever team has the points lead wins. Of course, knowing the level of some of the players we’ve seen in these videos, I don’t know if I can say the players _saying_ that know it….

  19. As Jingles would say: “That Sharnhorst snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.”

  20. You know what they say: “Better to Belfast than to Cassin Young”

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