THIS IS SALEM – almost a 338K DMG heartbreak || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The new intro is amazing!! Oh and the ship and game too 😛 He just shitted on those Bismarck and Tirpitzs

  2. Nailbiting stuff

  3. win/loss cple tenths of a sec.

  4. That fight against the hipper was weird. Flat broadside and three salvoes into the water.

    • Hipper and up on the German CA line has turtleback armor over the citadel. My guess is he knew this and was trying to plunge the shots under the turtleback.

  5. GRAT !!!

  6. 1 year of steam ! Dear Angels of potato’s . The game play is complicated !

  7. Spineking Jørgensen

    In the end I was like Edinburgh will probably be deleted but i really hoped Edinburgh would win because its so painful and unsatisfying to watch some other dude loose a game where he did amazing because its so relateable

  8. welldone. able to stay alive killing battleships.

  9. Which one should i get the musashi or salem?

  10. omg that ending!

  11. Great win and play by you……Sadly you isolated yourself from the team, and them you.

  12. It was really clutch at the end, nice game.

  13. Holy hell gotta replace the barrels of the guns because they are melted after that. Good job.

  14. like new intro ^^b

  15. Questionable game play from all of those tier 8 German BB,he really gave a lesson to them,De Moines could not do the same because of heal,well played,but why i don’t get this kind of players ???

  16. Amazing what those extra 2mm (25->27) armor helps against the BB shells

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