This Is The SALTIEST Ship In World of Warships…

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The World of Warships Salt Olympics.
who am I kidding today we’re going through all of the players in world of warships, sorry not players in world of warships ships in world of warships, and finally deciding once and for all which ship is truly the most salt inducing ship in all of world of warships. So join me on this fantastic adventure in the depths of hell that is the ships of world of warships.
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  1. So these types of videos take longer to make than I’d ideally like them to take, but I think If I were to upload just straight gameplay I would be wasting both your and my own time. I’m constantly trying to make each video better and I’m really grateful that you (at least some of you haha) enjoy my content. Stay safe!

  2. Oh shit I just realized I need 22k to get Thunderer do you think its possible ?

  3. wouldn’t friesland and harugamo be more annoying?

  4. colbert?

  5. FDR. That is all

  6. As far as the Commander skills goes we are all in the same Sh!t Show, I’m just kissed off they killed my Flint, Long Live my Thunderer 🤣🤣

  7. The problem with these ships is they even are some of the few to have still good AA. I’m going to avoid a Smolensk or Thunderer if I can.

  8. The best ‘poll’ is what is actually being said and actually happening IN GAME when you play it.

    For example…..
    “Shit teams” ie; NO teamwork at all is THEE most complained about thing in game.
    Putting aside the usual whingers who get killed early and blame everyone else, the non-teamwork in WoWs battles is the main weakness of WoWs and the gameplay is attrocious at times because of it.
    The Non-Teamwork is the reason I stopped playing for months, not the relentless HE spam, CV’s and OP silly ships (Smolensk et al).
    WoWs is completely based on selfishness, not team play.
    My xp, my free xp, my captain training, my credits, my grind is what WoWs is based on and NOT teamwork in any way at all.
    THIS is the worst thing about WoWs and what people complain about the most IN GAME, not in ‘polls’.

    The next thing people complain about in game the most is Aircraft Carriers because they are horrendously unbalanced and overpowered because of it.
    Today, ALL the best games I was part of were those WITHOUT Aircraft Carriers.
    That says it all for me, and for many I suspect.
    (“F**k You CV” and variants thereof is now becoming common in the in-game chat)

    The next thing people complain about the most in game is of course, the Smolensk and Thunderer and for good reason.

    After that it’s the relentless HE spam. This has become a MAJOR issue now and I saw it demonstrated again multiple times today.
    DD’s and Light Cruisers simply melting BB’s with complete ease. Sitting in smoke or behind islands with semi-automatic HE blasters and unlimited ammunition … point and click and kill, that’s it.

    There are serious problems with WoWs at the moment and the ‘Dead-Eye’ skill has nothing to do with it, it’s just another superficial ‘problem’ added to something that is fundamentally ‘broken’ at the moment.

    After the next month or so I don’t know if I’ll be playing WoWs any more or at least for quite a while.
    With a developer stubbornly refusing to even acknowledge the problems let alone deal with them I don’t think WoWs is something I’ll be part of in the future.
    I’ve been playing it for three years.

    There are multiple Community Contributers, hundreds if not thousands of veteran players that are so fed up they hardly play any more, or at all and that means that if WoWs continues it will be even worse than it already is and then the game will be ‘finished’ to all intents and purposes which is a shame, a real shame.

  9. In my experience the Smolensk is just beyond ridiculous and a quite bit worse than the Thunderer to play against.
    Both of these ships must be removed from the game though as they are really just bullshit, let’s be honest.
    They are complete nonsense.

    I have a Thunderer and I always have this funny ‘guilty’ feeling when I play a game with that ship as I feel like I’m ‘cheating’ somehow.
    I’m so glad I don”t have the Smolensk.

    I’ve never seen anyone complaining about the Petro, Kleber or Marceau in game though.

    The Smolensk and Thunderer however……..

  10. You should really set up a discord server. It’d be fun

    • good idea tho. If he did. I can help him on Modding. :))

    • Mostly right now, I’m just trying to focus on getting consistent content out on youtube and having regular streams. But down the line and hopefully as I grow I’ll definitely be getting a discord server, its just too much to handle right now.

  11. What I’m upset about is the BFT, being nerfed from Hell for DD’s. -5% equals to .2 – .6 faster reload. This is unacceptable and MAJOR BULLSHIT!

  12. Thunderer is Broken. must nerf

  13. The saltiest ship in WoWs – any CV

  14. I used to play Thunderer mostly AP. But since so many people take offense at her mere presence, I am going to use HE instead. Until people start REALLY hating on CV’s, no one has a right to complain about any surface ship, certainly not a squishy low HP battleship. Fuck everyone who thinks Smolensk or Thunderer are a problem but CV’s are fine.

  15. Cruisers camp behind islands and fire sometimes undetected, and destroyers have very powerful torpedo’s, carriers are carriers. Deadeye is a welcome change for battleships players.

  16. “The water becomes so dense you could probably float in it” he says about a ship game. Good one.

    TBH my favorite WoWs salt joke is that the oceans of WoWs are made of the salty tears of the community. When you get ocean, it’s because someone in the game has been so salty their tears sunk the islands.

  17. You missed the FDR off the list

  18. You must have had a message from the guy who told me to delete the game because “I am bad” yet he was in the bottom three of the team

  19. LOL….i play wows from 2015…the only 1 time i forced WG to give me 9 non random battles penalty was about the %$€£€$ SMOLENSK!!!!!….And ofcourse was it for salty text…but worth it…both the ship and those who have that disquasting shitboat is rediculous!!!

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