This is the very reason I quit World Of Warships..

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I’m very proud of the community as a whole standing up for what they need and want from a game in which they had to endure so much ignorance over the years. No this is nothing new and when you have Community Contributors that have been making content for years to suddenly resign from the program, you know something is wrong. It’s obvious. Just give to the community and they will give to you. Not JUST the things you think are great and awesome but to understand what they want collectively as a whole for better change of the game or ….. idk… change containers that no one even asked for!

Keep playing what you love to play and continue being a strong, beautiful community of gamers!

Sorry for the skipping of some frames, new OBS settings not the game but I love this game and the community and I’ve never looked back from the simulator way of life and gaming community!

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  1. I’ve played WoW’s (still do) but there is no way i’ll pay dime in this state.

  2. Soooo War Thunder now?

  3. WG wrecked two very good games that could have been GREAT games if they only weren’t such arrogant idiots. I’ve quit WOT and WOWS after playing since Closed Beta in both of them. There are other games out there.

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