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The agano is arguably one of the worst crusiers i have ever played. Maybe the worst cruiser in the game full stop. But hey, at least this dumpster fire of a cruiser line has great torps.


  1. Japanese cruisers are essentially large destroyers.

  2. “He was getting kill-stolen. Probably by me.” 😂👍

  3. Seriously WTF? 12 km torps at tier 5? If subs didn’t convince me that WG is beyond hope….

  4. Well, not even the heavy jap cruisers have armor and the Mogami is a floating citadel. 🙂 I kind of like the big DD destroyers when I tried the Yahagi.

  5. Just for the sake of it: The correct pronunciation is “Kae-sar”. The german word “Kaiser” for a monarch comes from Caesar. The “C” is always a “K” in latin. Greets and thanks for the vid.

  6. I turned the Agano into a torpedo spammer. Just run it as a cruiser size destroyer. The guns are decent but the gimmick is the tops. So run it that way

  7. Totally agreed, this ship sits in my harbor as a free Xmas coal barge and nothing more. BTW, the pre- haircut photo you should have shown was Ogie Oglethorpe from Slap Shot. ROFL!

  8. Tiger 59: Finally, a worthy opponent

  9. These Japanese cruisers could be okay but they have 2 flaws that I despise about them. They can torpedo from earth to alpha centuri which is just hillariously op, they manoeuvre and turn like a damn stocked fridge so it’s very difficult to escape or get back into stealth, and expect to be spotted a lot if carriers and subs are in the match.

  10. I assume that the akizuki, kita, and haru are far better light cruisers than the new tech tree line.

    • They are indeed. I honestly think that at like, 12-13km, an Akizuki could absolutely beat the tier 8-9-10 jap CL. The shells are so slow if the dd is good you just cant hit em. I haven’t played them, but there are many supertesters in my coalition that have repeatedly complained their shells visit mars before coming down.

  11. well, its basically Yahagi and that ship already doesnt have a good rep, why would the head ship of the class be any different, is probably what WG thought, but, tbf, the whole IJN CL line doesnt have a good rep right now as its a line without a cause

  12. Moon Cricket Stinks

    No it isn’t. It’s stupidly OP and I can’t hope to stop it with my kirov….no everyone should totally be playing this in brawl 😉

  13. And then there was a Pan-American line coming to overshadow the Japanese CL’s….🤣

  14. Agreed. Just got the t6 – will it be an even bigger steaming pile of ….?

  15. “Just casually better than Shimakaze torps at tier 5, Why not.” I was dying laughing.

  16. By the end of the video i cant tell if this is the worst cruiser or the best cruiser in the game

  17. Torpedoes aren’t a good gimmick to base a line around because they’re frustrating. Like what happened with the König, happens so goddamn often. ESPECIALLY when you have torps away on some BB sailing in a straight line when the CV decides he wants to drop torps on him too, causing him to maneuver if he’s any good & now your main source of damage is wasted and is on a minute+ cooldown.

  18. Can Agano really be worse than Yahagi?

  19. The floaty shell arcs are only an issue for tiers 5 and 6 of the line. After that the ballistics are very similar to the original IJN cruisers.
    Also tier 8 onwards the turret traverse is 6 seconds, down from 36 prior.
    Also, the higher number of guns and higher cooldowns technically means that commander skills and other reload reductions will reduce reload time by more seconds.

    It does look kinda interesting on paper, but it is made of paper as well lol.

  20. Great vid, great performance. Love your work RC!

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