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  1. I have 25K battles in my Atlantis and love it. You have to expect to die fast and hard. But the shear satisfaction of hitting a DD with 20+ hits in 10 seconds is great. The 4 klm torps are hard to love. The radar at this low tier great for setting up ambushes. AC are a HUGE pain. You get spotted while driving this thing and every enemy player within shooting range knows your are a easy kill. Oh, did I mention the Atlanta has NO, repeat NO armor. DD’s can and do citidel you and blow you up from time to time. You are all citidel wrapped in an eggshell. I would love to have Flint range torps. You will neve be bored playing an tlanta.

  2. Your villain voice is amazing, I want more of this.

  3. Oh the Chumphon is SOOOO BAAAD. I’ve been grinding it out in Ranked, and at one point I had a 10% WR. If I went AFK, I would expect a WR of about 30%. And one thing you neglected to mention is that the Chumpy has only 13mm of plating, meaning that 203mm cruisers overmatch you with AP. She gets absolutely dunked on by the likes of Algerie, York, etc.

    However, the T8 Harbin makes a few key improvements. For starts, her shell arcs are much flatter, dropping from more than 15s flight time at 13km (yikes!) to 11s; she can much more reliably hit things. And she gets 16mm of plating, meaning that 203mm cruisers no longer shit on you. Still doesn’t make her good, but does make her marginally less embarrassingly bad.

  4. Luis Filipe 'K3pler'

    Fun fact the tier V has the better guns of the line 152mm, next tier VI 130mm and can actually heart cruisers. And that is a f Flint with DTs, plp should thx WG for donating their coal for Flint rofl.

  5. I was one of those people who whaled for the Sejong (T9). Chumphon is definitely the low point in the line. The line overall isn’t that good, but I have fun in them (maybe I’m a masochist?)

    • No, the t6 is pretty fun and ok. It’s when you hit T7 and get a closed beta Atlanta that has a 2.5s slower reload in a world where maps are larger and turning circles tighter. It’s a line that was built for 2015 but got released six and a half years late; because the DD mafia didn’t want to take a break.

  6. This ship takes the term super unicum and applies it to every match. DDs, yea they will citadel you and just get full pen, cruises, forget that you have armor and hope rng messes up the shell dispersion, Battleships, well you better start carving runes to your gods because its probably gonna one shot dev strike you at any angle and cv, well its pretty normal for most tier 8’s to get dunked on by a midway cause ha you uptiered into tier ten cause you have tier 8. I remember even my friend in a div was bow in a took one or 2 shells from a Duke of York and it managed to reduce him from full hp to zero faster than thunderer can set fires on you. And the worst part is that the only gimmick of it is the torps(and their reload booster), granted it is a huge death pylon but cmon wg, you could’ve improved it a bit more at least.

  7. It does help when your opponents are absolutely outclassed by the rest of your team… eh?

  8. Just gonna say that i rly enjoy this ship, with “good” Stats….

  9. You never needed to make a video about this ship or it’s tech tree line, we already knew 😛

    I just got Dido and it’s been a lot of fun, I still prefer the versatility of Leander but Dido with adequate spotting is stupid fun.

  10. JeSuisUbermonkey

    I found it pretty powerful tbh, but it certainly isn’t an easy one to use… riding a knife’s edge the whole time, even more so than a British Light.

  11. The chumphon is very powerful if you know what you are doing. 56% wr on solo randoms. Play it like a Wooster with torps and smoke.

  12. I mean…..what did you expect from a Line of “Large Destroyers” or “Destroyers leader” cruisers? On top of that they are Pan Asian ships, which NO ONE USES! I remember when the Pan Asian DD line first came out (i think) people played them, but after a couple years they disappeared completely from common match making, these will probably suffer the same fate.

    As for the Chumphon, Its a Asian Atlanta, im not expecting much. Plus its worse then the Atlanta since it doesn’t have Hydro or the Atlanta’s Radar, HELL its worse then the FLINT (which is now a COAL SHIP) since the flint has Hydro (right?) and it trades the Atlanta Radar for Smoke. And yes the US Light Cruisers are better since they have actual LIGHT CRUISER (155mm) guns instead of DESTROYER (127mm, 137mm) guns and significantly more Utility, and the British have their RAPID firing AP shells which rake up ALOT of damage, have SMOKE and at high tiers can trade the SMOKE for RADAR if they want to.

  13. You can’t spell Chumphon with out CHUMP! It is a complete chump of a ship and Chumphon is just a bad tech tree version of the Flint.

  14. Chumphonpingpong is amazing at letting the other team farm devastating strikes

  15. This is what happens when the pedophile DD mafia gets their hands on the development of a up and coming CL line.

    While the t5-6 Cruisers we’re alright, the Chomphon is given heavy cruiser reload on the smallest cruiser caliber guns in the game.

    Meanwhile, Chomphon is obviously the paywall of the line, Malteseknight makes the cruisers look alright from the t8-10 perspective. Technically, their USN CLs with usable torps; and the DDs oppose that.

    Therefore, these are farming ships for farming BBs low tier, and farming BBs and CA’s/planes high tier.

  16. Totally agree, I have played this ship about 10 times and have yet to get a kill other than with a lucky torpedo or a fire that they can’t put out. Not from direct damage. Also: The capital city of Montana (for which the ship is named) is pronounced “HELL-e-na,” not “Hel-LAY-na.”

  17. Its not that bad. In devious hands it can be devastating. With the detection level, you can play with other cruisers, even abuse some islands for cover, but you have to have a DD without smoke around to have any fun and a push coming at you. If they are running or you are pushing it might just be as well for you to run to the other side of the map.

  18. I agree, this ship is trash
    It’s a DD with a citadel
    Can get citadel’d by some BB HE
    Guns have rather bad range at tier 7, and shells are very floaty, you need to play in a very risky position just for you to “do something “
    I got this ship for completely free, I think I’m gonna sell it when the line gets released for real

  19. Yeah this is exactly my experience. It works when morons push into you and dumb battleships sail in straight lines. That’s it, that’s the use case. Zero influence/utility/pushing potential.

  20. As some who has looked at this line while owning the American light cruisers and an Atlanta, I’m just gonna day I’m good. I don’t need another line of that. The Atlanta used to be a wonderfully fun meme on the field but now it struggles. IT can still do well in good hands but it’s a lot harder

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