This is what Clan Battles are like now – World of Warships

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I never thought, in a million years that I’d be playing a bloody carrier in clan battles as a mercenary xD

Unfortunately this is what tier 6 double CV ruleset in clan battles brings you.

Way too many planes and way too many smokes.

Enjoy if you can xD

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  1. best command in clan Battles is Set a smoke screen lol

  2. So, I see the new World of Warplanes is looking good.

    • Cvs are part of the fleet too not just ary ships yutland syndrome.

    • Yup – all they had to do was completely do away with flight models etc and go full Nintendo arcade. It was so simple: Who knew?

    • I want them to go full Warplanes and make it so each plane is a player also make it balanced and give cvs the alpha they used to have during ATS days when they could delete a high AA ship next to 2 other AA ships with no risks ah RTS days so much better when CVs could perma spot all ships and delete AA ships with ease

    • @Goatranch Gaming Like the Russian CVs where they drop all their ordinance at once? I wish every CV was like that cus FUCK i hate how carriers play now. On both ends of the equation.

    • @Goatranch Gaming since when in rts days could good CV’s not loose most if not all of their planes to a full AA CA. Cause I remember farming clear sky’s and aa defence experts with a Wooster div’d up with a midway

  3. Whoever is enjoying Ranked and CB right now is probably also enjoying watching “2 Girls 1 Cup” while having lunch.

  4. Flamu found a new way to challange himself in wows, I see, carrying clans to steel =D

  5. Chameleon Scheimong

    Fun and engaging, as promised

  6. CBs are so extremly unejoyable, our Clan isnt even going for hurricane this season, we are just doing it for the XP basicly! So horrible

  7. One of the reasons I truly gave up on this game. Why would I want to grind new lines to unlock ships just to play shit like this and ranked?

    • I just play randoms with my friends in div. if not that I would be long gone.

    • @SebaX Lucky you still have friends playing along, I got none and that made me quit the game for good (even deleting my account for that matter) because this is far different game that I used to know.

  8. I’m finding myself playing this game less and less. It’s a shame bc I used to really enjoy it. Between getting wiped from existence in mere minutes by carriers and HE spam, and WG’s unethical business practices, the game is losing its appeal to me

  9. F for the status and the game and another F for my man having to deal with this bs. I’ve been watching flambass for some time and it’s the first time I saw his eyes even more lifeless than a dead fish

  10. Lol, got an ad for something called “Naval Action.”

    Even YT algorithm knows Warships is shit.

  11. Actually the game was pretty tense and engaging. The problem immediately lights up when you see the Huang Meh fully set up as AA ships so widespread, every one playing hide and seek inside smoke and 2 carriers per side preying on everything floating. Regular ships are not even fighting each other but just capping and trying to stay alive.

  12. My clan this season: “lol no…fuuuck no!”

  13. CB was an excuse to sell huanghe, simple as that

  14. Its more interesting then petropavlosks and Stalins on every island corner. And dragged out games to 20 minutes with just a lot of hiding. But ofcourse 2 carriers is too much

  15. What a sad state this game is in.

  16. It’s so funny how we completely fucked up our push but flambass literally carried our game 😀
    It’s cool to play with you flambass. Thx for stopping by
    – Fishy

  17. Regardless of the smokes and CVs, this was a well-played and exciting match.

  18. MrSegmentationFault

    Remember the times when russian bias was our biggest problem?

  19. RomuloCavalcanti 1905

    Nice RNG with APDB on Huanghe, 2 cits on onde drop

  20. A single CV in a 12v 12 is an interesting different game mode. 2 CV’s per side in a 7v7 is just… please no.

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