This is what TEAM PLAY looks like – World of Warships

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WoWS is usually played in a selfish way, by most ppl. It’s not even their fault often, because game is structured in that way. You don’t get a lot of credits and exp because your teammates did good, you get a lot if YOU do good.

However, in any form of competitive, taking care of your teammates is very important. Here are few examples and tricks on how to do that.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. That torp block was one of the best things I have seen in this game .

    • @GrabnarMyers he blocked the torps before they armed, so the Petro didn’t took them.

    • @Juan Kovacs oh because the torpedos landed on the deck of his ship they could never get underwater and arm?

    • @GrabnarMyers nope. The torps (air or ship based) have an arming distance. If they impact against something before that distance, they do no damage.

    • @GrabnarMyers .. torpeedies have an arming range , if they contact anything before that distance they just boop *disapear .

    • Going in front of the torps before the arm is one thing, catching all of them on the drop itself is a whole new level

  2. Torp block + smoke on petro was god tier ! The save of CV too. Could gearing have done better with his long smoke duration ?

    • Gearing does have longer smoke but that also means you’re without the smoke much longer, so if you end up needed it you’re screwed. One of the reasons why I love Daring is because that smoke is almost always ready

  3. That torpedo block was beautiful

  4. welcome back dude. its been dull without you on YT. its hard to catch you on Twitch and i still get the discord pings. its a highlight coming home and watching you and jingles’ videos.

  5. That torp block was a true expression of art. “FU skycancer” in perfection. I could hear the Nachimov players rage over here 😉

  6. That’s what I call team play. I hope that Petro gave you all of his complements.

  7. Great to see you playing DDs. Always learning something just from watching you.
    Amazing gameplay. Lots of small details to get the win and (barely) none of them was dealing damage.

  8. I’ve basically never played the game. Probably not even an hour’s gameplay in it. But I still enjoy watching others play it well … and that was really, really well played.

  9. Good stuff, it is always the teamplay-games that feels the most rewarding.

  10. CruisingForMermaids

    Team play makes a HUGE difference; amazed at how few even try it.

  11. OMG your fitness regime is working SO hard you managed to carry them ALL. Thats why I follow, you are No.1 in WoWs in my humble opinion (rojus62/Maximus62) We salute you

  12. Absolutely awesome, one of your most beautiful games.

  13. Welcome back Flambass, missed your vids here. alongside one other they are the highlight of my day, keep up the good work dude 🙂

  14. Good to have you back. When I saw the line-ups I thought it was going to be the fantastic 1v1 finale against the Smollie. No doubt we have that to look forward to.

  15. Have played 2 years, first time I ever saw the DD grab the torps before they arm trick in order to save a team mate! Beautiful and the smoke screens were nice as well of course. If ranked was like that, I’d enjoy it but alas it’s not…

  16. Great game on your return, and truly unusual to see a person helping multiple team mates!!

  17. This is giant brain superunicom play right here, holy crap! You deserve the W several times over.

  18. Really well played, Flambass!

  19. Your most impressive games are often in a DD,
    this was a true pleasure to watch.

  20. Okay, blocking the torp drop from Nakhimov was a really impressive play lol. Props for that

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