This is Why World of Warships Is DYING.

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This is Why World of Warships Is Dying.

Today we are talking about all the things wrong about world of warships, we’ll be going over some things such as the current game state, the incentivisation methods used in world of warships and many other things so I hope you enjoy!
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  1. At least I didn’t get a MakaSoni I got Yudachi

  2. Took me almost a year to reach my first tier 10. A few days ago I met a Jean Bart with 1 battle and a z44 with 52 battles on their accounts. That says it all..
    Oh and I am chat banned again… You know why

    • I know That feeling , personal record is 2 days without chat banned. But i also did not play That weekend xD.

    • @tamas lapsanszki I think i got banned bc i sweard with every possible word at a CC bc he dropped me as a FDR(teammate) to send planes back to carrier,and i was in a gearing i left with 2k hp

    • @Zalan Albert if u are not chatbanned , u dont play it right xd

    • Being chat banned all year long.. Reached to a point of almost being chat banned in the player support when arguing with them to simply call off my ban.. My defense being that most of team mates are noobs in premium high tiers that ruin the game.. Haha

    • You are in good company..

  3. I agree with your points, but I would like to point out that in the SLM video you showed the thumbnail for, he is actually proving the same point, that the grind is too easy. Not that you were trying to say anything, but it could be inferred that you saw it as bragging. I personally just returned to the game 7 months ago or so after a 3+ year break, so adjusting to how easy it is now was definitely something. Good video man, keep it up!

  4. warships is running into the same issue as tanks.
    The general skill level is getting lower and lower since there is no incentive to be good at the game.
    If you run premium it is physically impossible to lose credits even if you afk.

    Also the introduction of more and more powerful ships and the following buffing of older ships (aka powercreep) has led to extremely passive gameplay. Everything can kill everything within seconds so no one is taking risks (and players are lazy AF). No one is having fun sniping at 25km, except maybe a slava. At this point wows is an idle game for most players and they just brush it off as “meta”.

    Then we get to generally bad decisions: Smolensk, Conqueror, Carrier rework, Venezia being able to oneshot DDs at nearly 20km, stealth radar soviet “cruisers” with more AP pen than BBs … someone decided these things were a good idea. Extrapolating the data leads to … a huge pile of doodoo in the warships future.

    • Yea I could not agree with you more. remember the time when Carriers actually sent fighters to protect you? or when DD’s did the job of spotting? I played a game today and the DD on my side never once was in advance of our ships? He spotted FA and the worst thing was at the end of the game he had a better score than me in my Izumo (a hard ship to play btw) and I died by enemy torps. Now if you tell a DD to do his job he can quite rightly tell you that his job is to earn himself maximum points by punting pot luck torps at the enemy side and not help the team. Frankly WG has lost the flavor of a great game.

  5. The problem with fast leveling relates to all the bonuses that can be applied. Without flags & camos the progress is rather slow. Which kinda points that the problem is with all the junk available and not so much in the system. Furthermore not all want to play the game in pvp mode, for them the rate of progress is already excruciatingly slow and making it even slower could likely just drive them away from the game. Just to be clear, i doubt players preferring pve to pvp would jump over to pvp, quitting is more likely result.

  6. WG’s best 1st step would be to start being honest with themselves. As in accepting that the CV Rework has only served to prove that CV’s are impossible to balance. CV’s are hugely unpopular and are hurting the game. Instead of remaining blind, or worse, doubling down with the FDR, admit the failure and fix it. Simply adding a means for players to opt out of matches with CV’s will do it.

    • hey the rework is fine! what isnt fine is the damage in game, but we will never have a feedback because developers dont play the game…………………………………………………………………………………

  7. Nice vid, agreed with many points you mentioned. (mid-tier Matchmaking especially)
    WG also needs to continue to increase optimization for weaker pcs.

  8. i can say that 2 years ago but now is alive

  9. On the console version the takes sooooo long

  10. There is some misunderstanding here. Yes, you can absolutely grind from T1 to T10 in around 25-30 games but its not easy. You need 3 things to make it happen. First, every booster flag and camo known to man. Second, a sh*tton of luck to get good teams to actually win the games. And most importantly you have to be actually GOOD to get enough XP. Dont get me wrong, it is still really fast to climb if you have the stuff. The bigger problem is that you can buy into high tier. We all see at least 3-4 palyers per game with a high tier premium with around 10 games. Or even worse the guy with 3000 games with the Tirpitz (with around 25000 AvgDmg) with no silver ships higher than the Nassau. Regarding the MM, for me it would be fine if they could just adjust it to be +/-1 and not +/-2. That would help a lot.

  11. Why did i think the thumbnail was USS Long Beach?

  12. Wows is dying? hmm, must be choking to death on the increased number of players this year.

    • Exactly…been playing since obt, yea the quarantine might helped for that but I’ve never seen the player base been increased that much, just for this year

  13. I wouldn’t do skill-based match-making how you seem to be suggesting. All that is required is matching skills ( WR ) between the teams ie 2 good players, 5 average players and 5 bad players on both teams. At the moment we seem to get 12 good players on one team and 12 average and bad on the other team.

  14. The fact is.. the game continues to grow especially in Europe and North America.

  15. Overall, I think the MM is pretty good. The only times where I think the teams get out of balance is when divisions are thrown into the mix. MM seems to struggle with divisions. Random games where only one team has a CV dd division are miserable games for both teams.

  16. WoWs is definitely not dying…. It has never been at risk of dying, at any the hundreds of times people have claimed that it was…

  17. Liked the vid, but I always roll my eyes a bit when I hear older players complain that the grind isn’t long enough. Yeah, because I want to get into a game I have to play thousands of hours before I can attempt to use higher tier ships. Nope… Not that I want $$$ to be the shortcut to that. I just don’t want the XP grind to take longer than it already is.

  18. once in a tier7 game I did like 80k with Genova, I was so so proud of myself, one of the game I will never forget.

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