This is World of Warships – Why We Play

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We love World of Warships. But why indeed do we play? The Anchors Away and Let’s Battle events hold most of the answers. Many play because of the ships. Sure, many like the competitive aspect, but World of Warships is so much more than a game. It’s history. It’s also a community. And anyone who has been to one of the events Wargaming has put on understand that this is a game for everyone, for many different reasons. And it attracts one of the most diverse crowds in gaming. This is World of Warships.


  1. Nice inspirational movie! You nailed it here! Thank you for your support against the NTC buffs, you really show what the first C in CC is about! Keep up your good work!

  2. DemonsApprentIce YamatoBBCaptain

    I play because of my Naval History Enthusiasm..

    Especially that the Largest Naval battle in World War 2 happened in my Country..

    Philippines ??

  3. I play for fun, not to grind endlessly for tripe.

  4. All true Zoup. You nailed every single reasons why people play this game
    Love this vid, love you, and of course love the game

  5. it’s free.
    That’s why I play.

  6. Night Wing Zero

    One of my relatives who passed away 5 years ago served on the USS Independence CVL-22, this is why I love playing this game, not because of the ships but because the history that I learned through it.

    Thanks for making this video my friend.

  7. Bran Tse Mallory

    I play warships to honour those who fell so I might live free.
    I sail a Leander class as HMS Achillies was built not 400 yards from where I live.
    I play the ships that I grew up learning about.

  8. And that is why those of us who play for the historical aspects get so irritated by the idea of the new paper ships that now overpower some of histories greatest and most powerful ships that actually sailed or were actually planned. Ships that weren’t just pure fictional creatures of nations who had a poor naval record in history.

    • “or were actually planned”


      Ok, whatever.

    • Yeah I feel you. Look at Yamato for example. She has the biggest gun in the game but that’s about it. the other T10 which never existed outside of blue prints and laid keel are far superior that her. Also Yamato is one of the smallest T10 BB.

    • @Crappy Angel its more than sad but pathetic when the Russian BB’S weren’t even blueprints but something like a proposal on a memorandum. They were a pretty pathetic navy prior to the cold war, and for these ships to be dominant against real historical ships is insane.

    • That’s a question of balance inside of a virtual game experience, not an historical aspect 🙂

  9. Wonderful video Zoup! This game means a lot to me as my family has Navy roots. I’ve loved naval history since I was a small child, I read books about the battles of WWII in 2nd grade. Warships have always been beautiful to me, and to be able to command these beautiful ships in this game is always a thrill for me. I may just be an average player, but I always have fun.

  10. Bro I’m with u Iam American and I Love USS Wisconsin I be from there I had my 2nd bday on it in 1984 soo I love thiisssss game FYI this vid made my tear up bro!!! Is vet of the army here

  11. Nozoupforyou: its the real ship the player wants.
    WG:making russian bb line

    • WG also made the French BB-line which consists of ships that were either:
      -never completed (T4+T6),
      -completely paper (T3, T7, T9, T10),
      -or fought only allies and sunk itself (T8).
      Also the French premiums are bs:
      -Jean Bart was put in service ten years AFTER WW2 – with only ONE turret ever functioning.
      -Gascogne was laid down, but construction stopped, ship never saw water, except for rain.

    • Ivan TheTerrrible

      @Glupi Medo Montana, GK, Conqueror, just to name them few. I’m really sick of those crybabies. Or you play the game or you don’t.

    • Just enjoy the content

    • @Glupi Medo Richeliue escape with an intention of going to an Allied port to seek for safety. She was taken to the United States where she underwent a really slow process of completion. Gascogne on the other hand was cancelled due to German invasion. If you are Talking about a French ship that fought the Allies and sunk it could be Jean Bart which is actually a T9 battleship which was sunk by Ranger and her action is more like a self defense rather than being intent of killing Allies ships. After reaching Casablanca Jean Bart was practically left disabled.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      @Glupi Medo All but two of the ships in the French BB line that are paper had finalized designs. The Russian designs are obscure blueprints that never even made it past preliminary development resulting in specs that were not realistically achievable. All while ignoring much more prominent navies such as the Italians that actually played a major part in World War II.

  12. Thanks for this film.

    My Grandfather served on the Tirpitz.

    Greetings from Germany.

  13. My dad served on a New Mexico class battleship (Mississippi) in the pacific from ‘42 to ‘46. I have always been fascinated by naval combat. Love the game and your content

  14. I visited my Australian war memorial… saw a naval gun from one of our sunk ships during ww2 and was amazed at how bloody huge it was… THEN I realised, it was one of the tiny secondary guns! Blew my mind and amazes me how gloriously colossal the other great nations of the worlds ships were, such massive feats of amazing skill and genius in their construction and use by the brave souls who crewed them. ❤️

  15. This is why I used to play. But the bullcrap from WG with their stupid paper ships and idiotic mechanics built up slowly, and after 8.0 I couldn’t take it. Luckily I have War Thunder, which is actually focused on realism. No paper designs, no stupid spotting mechanics, just the eyeball MK 1.

  16. 404username Notfound

    Watching this after Denarmo announced he was quitting WoWS

  17. TheForgottonLegend

    I played for Uss North Carolina, my favorite battle wagon in the USA

  18. I served aboard USS Iowa from ’86 to ’89. That experience is a large part of why I play World of Warships.

  19. A both historians and gamers alike [and also Weebs. Dont forget those who feel more than just curiosity towards a ship. Those who want to f…… f-f…
    Fire their guns. Yes Fire. I mean the ships’ guns of course.]

  20. I can’t wait for y’all to come to the USS Wisconsin here in Norfolk Virginia. It would be nice to meet you zoup a fellow army veteran

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