This mission was harder than I thought it would be – World of Warships

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So I was playing ranked and I tried to finish last few missions for dockyard before it expires so I can get my ship finished.

1 of the missions was to do 210k dmg in a single battle.

Now that might not be so hard in randoms but in ranked, with the teams I was playing with/against, battles were too short most of the time to actually get it.

Every time I got close the battle ended.

The guy in the background is SailingRobin, my team was supposed to play his team in TEAM LEAGUE but he requested a small break for his team which wasn’t doing too good.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. With some relaxed Robin comms included for free 🙂

  2. That One Pseudotwin

    if that monty were smart he’d have kept going. What a nail biter at the end there.

  3. damn, very close game

  4. Was that Sailing Robin??

  5. 9:59 I have to cover him with my own body hair #GetDownMrPresident

  6. That monti threw so hard

  7. Is that interface just for the replay? Otherwise you have the HP of that Shima right there, or am I missing something?

    • It’s in game but can be unreliable.

      It only counts when they get spotted, in shimas case that’s not so important unless they take a torp while stealth but it can be a pain with bbs or cruisers who can heal, got the same mod and had a couple of cases where I rushed someone based on it showing little hp only to find them healed up and more dangerous.

    • @Jock1092 Jock Its fairer that way imo, it basically only helps you remember the last reported HP amount of the enemy, if it would show always the current even when not spotted, the one with the mod would have a major advantage planning the engagement.

  8. I dont care if I win or loose. I have not much influence on that anyways.
    The only thing I care about is how did I perform.

  9. It’s crazy how this ship is almost as fast standard as the Repub is while using speed boost.

  10. Should have just done whatever 99% of the players have to do to get the ship, pay for it with doubloons as it’s the only way anyone for a normal player to get the missions done, I mean not everyone plays the game for a living.
    Dockyard in a nutshell though, beating a dead horse etc.

  11. mario eduado lozano enriquez

    Sailing Robin it’s back

  12. Interesting Arsonist kill on Monty … secondaries must have set fire and that got credit for kill

  13. I miss Robin’s videos. Such a chill guy.

  14. Shima listened.. shima helped.. shima karma :p

  15. Question from a newbie at wows: why did you turn out rather than in towards the torpedoes at the begging of the match?

    • Turning in towards torpedoes could have caused him to take more torpedoes than he had wanted. When you turn in like that, especially with as something as large as a battleship, you give more of the ship’s profile for the torpedoes to potentially hit, particularly since ships slow way down when turning. Turning in meant the potential to take more than the one torpedo he was hoping to take. Generally the only ship type who can usually turn into torpedoes with no issue are destroyers, because they’re more agile and often smaller. Unless the battleship has a Hydro running or someone using Hydro nearby and can spot the torpedoes really early, its safer to try and turn out.

  16. pretty sure the monty was on your team

  17. you have a mod that tells you the HP of the shima last time he was spotted – and it looks it was less than 20% at the time you asked. so wtf …

  18. Ranked player base for you, all that Monty and shima needed to do was run away and they couldn’t even manage to do that, talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  19. Shima’s low on HP…

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