This one is Jingles material – World of Warships

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Absolutely INSANE match where I honestly didn’t think we stood a chance.

But me being me I just continued fighting.

Bit by bit we were getting close to the craziest ending every xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Saw it live yesterday on stream! Couldn’t believe u managed to pull that off. GG WP

  2. This was for all the times you got set on fire with the last shell, as you went unspotted

  3. So I’m super early, and that was just pure epicness. The way you play is quite literally like watching an artist go to work. Well done, Flambass.

  4. Looking forward to watching this again on Monday on Jingles channel! Maybe he’ll remember who you are this time! 😀

  5. Moments like these is what keeps me interested in this game. Well done flambino, well done. 👏🏻

  6. The ending has the same vibes of “nooo my golden ring of poweeeer!” (check it on yt if you don’t know it yet)

  7. Boke Flying Simulations

    man, best game I can remember so far xD

  8. They are called “novela”, the spanish soaps.

  9. LOL! Outstanding. And, yes… off to Jingles.

  10. Perfect Jingles game Hans.
    Jingles ,pls do see this, man too good a game

  11. Someone from the matrix playing wows?
    Oh no

  12. Luke Ueda-Sarson

    The Yoda admonition at the end was perfect.

  13. That ending was so ”Never give up, never give in…” moment that all my hair just rose up! This was truly one of THE moments we still play this game.

  14. You know, When he says “Jingles Material” I tend to sit up and pay attention…

  15. Oh, Jingles is gonna have fun narrating this…and it’s not even a Two Brothers game.

  16. austinpowersfasjer

    Spanish second language in the world for native speakers yes. But thats useless as English is way more understood as second or third language. That is more relevant

  17. I would be spaming this heal like crazy in the end. (the fire was doing like 73 damage per sec and heal heals you like 120 per sec with 1 sec delay after activation (first heal tick don’t happen instantly)) but i think it still would be enough for you to live after that.

    But still the clutch was epic.

  18. That game was literally the personification of the name. “DARING”!

  19. Imagine everyone on your team jumping with joy at the end there, random people around the world :))

  20. I hope Jingles knows who sent it this time 🙂 I’m still gonna watch it again lol xD

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