This Ship is Such a Meme! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. By the title, I was assuming brest😂

  2. Love The Vid Keep On Recordin Spartan! Like Ur Friends Accent.

  3. Love the Pan Euro Dds, insane AA and guns, and speedy torps

  4. Nice job this was a fun video

  5. Obviously Daring is my queen, but Halland is my concubine I can’t get enough of 😂

  6. Your Shima looks AMAZING

  7. @carlosdalbenzio3980

    Deberías tratar de usar más portaaviones se que es difícil moverse y atacar con aviones pero una vez se practica y se tiene la técnica puede ser tan peligroso como un acorazado

  8. this was my least favourite match, lol, but once again, you prove why you’re the best. Great gaming with you again, SLAP LIKE NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  9. I don’t have many high tier DDs, the only ones being The Gearing and Shima, and I absolutely love the Gearing, especially with most games having 3+ DDs on each team I wanna be able to counter most of them. But this Halland is badass!

  10. You should be allowed to target planes that would be AWESOME!

  11. @Feathered_Hunter-rf5zx

    Spartan I love your videos, I have been watching them since the start. You hsve helped me so much with not just wowsl, but also my mental health because you are bloody hilarious and amazing.

  12. Great video as per usual Spartan! You’re so close 50k, great work!

  13. @animegamesmoviesandotherst3037

    What is this from? Like to watch it all, you team play is so fun to watch. Also yes like to use dual purpose guns to shoot at planes that was the role for most, nd the ships who had them in large numbers as main guns like the Atlanta , also love for the Japan line to have San Shiki or as most know it the type 3 shell,

  14. Any ship that has any dual purpose guns should anle to be used to target planes. Player controlled AA and secondaries would 100% add balance to the game. In a brawler bb? Fire your main gun, switch to secondaries while the mains reload, and go ham. Switch back to mains and repeat. But, when switching, give a nerf to main reload time

  15. I have 57 ships, I rarely play the game yet I start every game with all my ships then quit the game, I’m gonna get killed by an invisible destroyer anyway. It annoys the players but I will continue to do it until they change the dd op

  16. You’re so lucky that Wors player was a potatoe. If you were me they’d of landed every shot and the others too.

  17. Watching this made want to try destroyers more lol

  18. Love ur videos spartan

  19. I would love Manuel secondaries lol

  20. Great video!
    Will grind out the Halland after I finish Napoli and Spammy Moines😃

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