This Ship Is The Best! – World Of Warships Kitakaze

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  1. Haven’t played World of Warships before, but it looks like the “Ocean Man” of video games

  2. i havent watched your channel in a while. probably because bf5 sucked

  3. Least favorite ship when I’m playing American BBs and get nuked in two torps

  4. Manjunathan Ulaganathan

    I used to be FPS only guy and only played bf3 bf4 but my friend introduced me to WO warships and I seriously got addicted to this game. it eats your time man

    • can you successfully play without spending a bunch of money on it? I’m interested but if it costs more than a AAA title to be good I don’t really want to get into it.

    • @Razamatraz premium just speeds up your grind (more ingame money + XP; its also what all the premium ships and camos are about), so yes you can play successfull without spending anything (playing for free for 3 years now). Also the premium ships are well balanced, so no obvious OP ships, in fact the best shipos are avaiable for ingame currency if you invest the time…

    • @Razamatraz It’s pretty F2P friendly. The grind is not that bad compared to World of Tanks or Warthunder.

      Plus, the game is pretty generous with premium content such as Dubloons, Premium Time, camos and even premium ships. You can get them easily, some you can get even just by logging in once a day for a few days.

    • @Razamatraz i played wows without spending a single cent on it
      very fun game

    • I spent $1000 on this game.

  5. If you think Kitakaze is fun… oh boi just safe your excitement for the Harugumo, it going to get even better…

  6. Found world of warships 2years ago, quit battlefield cold turkey. This is my game now. Glad you found it too. If there is any war history buffs out there this is the game for you.

  7. vocal cord kappasite

    Levelcsp should find some good players to division with. It will help saving your salts from random teammates

  8. At first I was like why the f is he using heat rounds on broadside

  9. WoWS ftw! Man I remember when I first got into this game in like 2015 or 2016 I was obsessed with it. Just wanted to play all the time, lol. I only play once in a while now, just a game here and there, but it is pretty sweet.

    I see War Thunder now has naval ships but eh, WoWS looks better to me. I don’t care if it’s more “arcadey,” it’s fun and that’s what matters to me.

  10. World Of Warships deserves way more players, such a great game

  11. Bro you gotta hit up jingles some time and play with him

  12. I wish I could freaking play. After the latest patch I keep getting logged out over and over again. Annoying as hell

  13. Hey Level Cap, just an FYI about this game, sorta. If you haven’t heard, there is now a Console version of this game that just came out fairly recently. its called World of Warships: Legends for both PS4 and Xbox. Now at first, it sounds very similar to its PC counterpart, however its actually quite different in many different aspects. First, the top tier stops at tier 7, not 10. This was done to ensure better matchmaking as well as cut back on a lot of fictional or paper concept ships seen at higher tiers. Second, the focus more on Commander experimentation. You mentioned on here how hard it is to experiment with commanders. But on Legends, you are allowed to swap commander skills at will anytime for free. Lastly, Carriers are not in the game. Right now the devs are debating even putting them in since the player base is very divided on having them. SO for now its just the 3 classes of warships.

    For me, I enjoy the console version since my pc is pure garbage when it comes to online gaming. If you have an Xbox or PS4, I say give it a try and see how it compares to its PC counterpart.

  14. MY FAV IS USS MAHAN ?✌?! @LevelCapGaming

  15. You should go to control settings and turn on potential damage indicators and spotting damage, it shows below your own damage how much potential damage you’ve absorbed and how much damage your team has done upon your own spotting of enemies

  16. Seeing you having such a blast, I’m kind of glad that you picked the kitakaze line as your starting line

  17. I used to run this ship way back in the game NavyField. You were able to hold 50 torpedoes for a single volley for both sides.

  18. Japanese Torpedoes have the worst detectability of all Torpedoes in the game making them one of the easiest to avoid.

  19. The tier 10 is literally this ship on crack. I have a full spec 19 skill point captain and let me tell you. She’s a beauty

  20. If ur a BB player – no joke geisenau/Scharnhorst are soooo BAE

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