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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.

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  1. tankiest battleship, first thing comes up to my mind is petro …kekw

    • I can’t disagree with that statement, I had a game the other day, where I had dealt 130k damage and I took about 6k damage, everyone shooting me bow in, and they simply couldn’t pen me, and there were just no fires being set, totally not biased in the Petros favor… 😂 and no, I don’t run Kuznetsov, yet.

    • To be fair that was my first thought too 🤣

    • Yeah, I had a game with petro the other day where I tanked 3 million potential in standard battle on two brothers, survived the game and won too.

  2. w9amCYYTKksreuaukczt0HJFq4GSh5FeSHYD2jdxLtyuKaCn4T

    I am not surprised. Soviet battleships were known for their tankiness during World War 2. Oh wait

    • Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

      holy crap wtf is even ur utube channel name

    • w9amCYYTKksreuaukczt0HJFq4GSh5FeSHYD2jdxLtyuKaCn4T

      @Pepega Ch. / ペペガ There is an explanation under “About” explaining what my channel name means and how I came up with it. This name means a lot to me.

  3. Kremlin needs a buff

  4. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    ggwp kremlin best RU BB confirmed. LOL all those wasd hacks tho KEKW

    Also who needs secondaries in Kreml anyway

  5. Need more AA nerfs

  6. “Torpedo is coming” spam is killing me

  7. TheClutchSlippedISwear

    bro i wish my kremlin was blessed by stalin like that but omg it only knows how to overpen shit 😛

  8. Best Tanking Game was my GK over 5 million

  9. Stefaan Lambrecht

    5:21 so juicy 😎

  10. wg… german bbs have bad accuracy cause they have too stronk armor….
    also wg…. inserts kremlin.

  11. Matthew Klestinski

    5:13 to hear the prediction, and then see it come true

  12. I though the tankiest bb was petro 🤣

  13. Lol the only reason you got the Moskva was because it was turning around. Stalin doesn’t like retreat.

  14. 5:20 Get balanced and off to Siberia

  15. I love Kremlin

    the ennemy battleship is angled and you should only get bounces ? let the Hand of Stalin guide your shells and give you 2 cits and 3 overpens

  16. Is this a new map? havent seen it before

  17. Instantly subscribed because of 5:14

  18. Wow perfect game!

  19. They should put old kremlin aa and buff superstructure amor…this thing is literally ice cream with he spammers

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