This Ship Makes No Sense at Tier VII | World of Warships: Legends

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Following my first impressions video on HMS Plymouth, I took the ship out for more extensive testing. My original thought was, “this ship seems strong.” Yeah. I didn’t know the half of it after that first game. This ship is nuts, and I think its placement at Tier 7 speaks to a wider issue in this game.

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  1. I feel disappointed to be honest, 2 very unique tier X ships, with it own gimmicks (Elbing and Republique) turn into tier VIII, and worst of all, made into premiums wich means they will not return to the game for a long time
    And the same goes to the Plymouth

  2. Imagine paying $80 for a ship only for it to get nerfed or Tiered Up later on..the fact that WG left a legal door open for this means they will 100% do it at some point

    • It’s absolute Bait ‘n’ Switch with the hilarious part being they’re telling us that from the start. They obviously didn’t have to refund a lot of Weimar’s.

    • It’s better than having a situation like Weimar where it took Minotaur to beat its AP dpm and stayed at t6 where it could bully all of those juicy 21kt farms I mean battleships. If a ship could get a buff then it should be able to be nerfed. Just because its premium doesn’t mean it should be immune to change. Especially since Weimar at t6 had Munchen to compete with and no one complains about Munchen’s DPM where a 7 to 8 second reload would have put its DPM at a level comparable to Munchen. Its been said by the CMs that certain ships like Benham, Somers, and Plymouth weren’t all that great in their PC tiers and I guess Legends is a fair way to try and rebalance that. But with that said some obvious changes should have been standard like a 8s Weimar and a t8 Plymouth and it absolutely baffles me that as a player these seemingly obviously easy decisions were passed over.

    • @Jay McCarthy 75% of what you said is wrong.

    • @Osborne Cox you going to counter argue or back that claim up or just leave it as a one line?

    • Think I would be demanding a refund if they nerfed it lol…(for the record I haven’t bought it but damn I want it being from the city of plymouth haha)

  3. They are going to uptier this ship ij the future, i still prefer the Edinburgh over this ship.

  4. It is indeed a strong ship but not overpowered

  5. From what I’ve seen people are too trigger happy right now, 8/10 times I’ve seen a Plymouth (whether on my team or the other team) it’s been deleted within the first three minutes, the remaining two are a mixed bag of overly cautious or knowing how to play the ship.

    She’s a bigger badder Fiji and I see enough people mess up playing that to know they can’t figure out the bigger sister. Radar is only viable if you’re divisioned up or have a lot of faith in your blueberry destroyers (I guess the right circumstances on a heavy island map works too, but defeats the point of a stealth radar half the time).

    Plymouth is great at tearing holes in broadside ships but gets more technical the moment they start angling (as with any RN light cruiser), I wouldn’t call her OP, but capable. I could see her being moved up to tier 8 and be fine with that, but my main gripe is with how sad Belfast ’43 looks in comparison (the buff was needed, but I’m not sure it was enough considering Plymouth’s base reload is better than a reload focused B43).

    I’d hate to see this ship at L tier as she doesn’t really compare to Minotaur in any aspect other than likelihood of getting dev struck. Give Des Moines her radar back and have Plymouth take after the Edinburgh’s and you got yourself a “counter play” situation as well.

  6. 6:30 Why did you reverse out of the center cap? Or better asked, why did you not smoke up more into the center cap?

  7. I dont think going to T8 would harm this ship. Honestly, i expetced it to be the next campaign ship. I wonder which one will come next. Pommern?

  8. All that is happening is this game is shifting to the WOT model that has been going on for years. Sell OP ship , preferably at a money making tier. In an update or two once sales drop off then nerf it. It’s gonna happen you watch.

  9. Personally, I agree it’s a little too strong for T7. It’s a superior Fiji with 50% faster reload and 25% more guns, only a tier higher, plus radar. I think WG had planned to sell it as a premium, but weren’t willing to sell as a T8 premium. So we end up with what is effectively a T8 sold as a T7. WG left it open with the new “we are allowed to nerf premiums” disclaimer. But I do feel it’s a problem of their own making.

  10. The range of 5 and 6 inch cruiser guns in this game don’t make sense either.i don’t think they should be able to out range 16 inch guns.

  11. They still fail to test ships properly after the weimar debacle.

  12. Money is why. Look at our games cost trend since January, everything is getting more expensive in credits cost. Elbing was shoved down to Tier8 and it’s crazy strong as well.

  13. If ur not the Avarage Xarkun u have a hard time in Plymouth and get overmatched by every Angle AND on top of that the Average Joe or Karen just goes nose in Battle and makes Plymouth useless

  14. This ship should be at least T8. Good thing most players i find using her are broadside to shoot all guns. That usually helps solve the problem.
    If I ever get this ship,bwill definitly be in a sale or crate.

  15. Actually, Graf Zeppelin was the first T7 for sale in store.

  16. I can practically sense your frustration when you start doing the forced back and forth comparisons between Legends and PC. When WG fails at basic balancing and thus tier placement when they introduce a ship to Legends, by all means call them out. But your argument would be stronger if it focused on the issues it causes in the Legends environment alone instead of getting twisted up with largely irrelevant PC comparisons. Like it or not, WG created a separation between the games from the start to give themselves room to manage Legends as it’s own entity. How a ship fits in the PC world really doesn’t matter here.

  17. They placed Plymouth at T7 because they wanted to sell another ship for 17.5k doubloons.

  18. I don’t think its as op as the og weimar but it could probably use some tweaking. I would personaly switch the radars with belfast 43 and increase the base reload by 1sec.

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