THIS SHIP PUNISHES BROADSIDES SO HARD – Slava in World of Warships – Trenlass

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  1. it so funny when seeing dumb player being punished xD

  2. OOOF is the code word for this game. Jesus H Christ, almost 150k in 5 minutes.

  3. Iowa: Time to uninstall this game, kekw

  4. Pog that’s such a gamer camo

    **Realises it’s from AL event**

    Nvm you are cringe lmao

  5. less than 4 minuets in…..7 cits….110,000 damage…….good game Trenlass…

  6. nice, you completed the Flamu Slava challenge in just 4 minutes, 110k!

    edit: Holy shit he did the slava challenge twice in 1 game with 200k in 10m!!!!

  7. the cammo you are ripping on comes in CC creates

  8. That giggle when slapping Neptune and Brindi was just evil fun.

  9. my only question is why do you need 500 grand for your own apartment?

  10. Trenlass, remember this match when you can’t hit the broadside of a battleship at medium range. RNGesus givith (this match) and he taketh away. lol

  11. I wish I got the same amount of flat broadsiding enemies as you

  12. Trenlass confirmed filthy rich, only rational explanation for all the paid actors, GG.

  13. Magical high velocity russian shells with super accuracy that never overpen but can pen armor like crazy.

    Seems legit. Also IMO the American battleships should have been the snipers. The all or nothing armor scheme and the super heavy shells were designed to work best at long range. Then at least you could try and maneuver since they are slower. But ya stalinium or whatever XD

  14. When I regrind my Halland (On Oster now), I’ll have enough for Slava. And fuck yes, I am getting Slava. One of the very few reliable and consistent BB in the game.

  15. Chat is interesting for me as an outside observer. The classical problem with those external sites that display winrates of participating players: They encourage the self-fulfilling prophecy.
    In this match, Trenlass’ team had around 55% average winrate, opposing team had around 45%. If people on the enemy team know of those percentages and care about using these types of sites, they will enter the match with a mindset placed around a guaranteed loss. Even if the team had a chance and someone considers themselves a good player on the worse team, they will now play not with the chance to win in mind, but rather with trying to maximize exp and credits in a loss.
    This means they will stop trying and – even if just subconsciously – engage in behaviour that will allow them to be punished (broadsiding, for example) in order to prove that the winrates were correct. There’s a decent chance that they will [perhaps indirectly] sabotage the chance that their team had at winning and thus make the winrate even worse for everyone on their own team.

  16. An epic start!

  17. Everyones mind: does WeeGee check their ships after release?

    WG: *no need, balance comrad*

  18. these team mates man. the 40%er monty complaining about loosing from the beginning because of mm monitor then suicided, the colombo crying about MM and sitting in the back on C. benson killing himself in the corner. neptune just rushing into the cap after the monty. wp trenlass. should have taken a slightly more careful path to save those 30k, bit in the end it didn’t even matter.

  19. I watched this in the stream, I couldn’t stop laughing lol, may have broken a rib I laughed so hard, what a Game GG Trenny!

  20. The entire enemy team consists of paid actors. Who shows broadside to a Slava in 2021?

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