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Mackensen is a tier 6 german BB (BC) and it bloody slaps everything. I had no idea this thing is so good. I would recommend giving it a go for sure.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Mack is kind of like PEF; a melee ship at lower tiers. Perfect fun.

    • PEF is a melee ship because it’s guns are complete garbage. Bad accuracy even for her tier, bad penetration, and bad damage. She’s not all that good close up, but it’s the only range she can be even slightly effective at.

      Mack, on the other hand, is actually decent overall for her tier and dangerous at closer ranges.

    • @Steve Rill Annoying how PEF has pretty much been left to die. PEF’s only upside to Mackensen is the better small secondary guns being 105mm over Macks 88mm.
      Least they could do for PEF is give it hydro and a sec range buff to 8.5km base.

    • ​@Steve Rill Maybe I just got lucky with it, but to me it always seemed like the PEF and Odin were the odd ships out of the KMS line. I got it when I was still grinding the Bayern for the Gneisenau, and it always felt like the PEF salvos were more accurate than Bayern’s.
      Hell, after I got the Gneisenau, I still played the PEF a ton because somehow, even though I had moved up a Tier, the accuracy was still horrendous and now I even had 1 less turret….
      The only downside of both the PEF and Odin is that, even among the rest of the KMS ships, they get weird in-between guns. The German 380mm turrets are about as ubiquitous to the line as quad-turrets are to the French, but the PEF instead gets 350s and the Odin 305s. It makes the gameplay much more opportunistic, as you have to pick broadsides to shoot at to make the most of the accuracy (otherwise you just get bounces).
      There’s also an upside that, becuase of the smaller guns, you’re not getting as many overpens on BBs and even on Cruisers.

  2. The issue is that the tier 5 is fucking garbage, the tier 6 is excellent for its tier. I have it. The guns actually pack a punch, and whilst it’s too early to spec into them, the secondaries don’t suck.

    • The P.Heinrich was actually the highlight of this line for me when its top tier the things you can do is just disgusting. But overall I enjoyed all of them except for Zieten that was honestly a downgrade imo.

  3. Surprised you weren’t punished for that broadside, but nice game to watch!

  4. This ship is actually one of my favorite ones.

  5. For me the T7 is better and more fun.

    • Random person 1000

      I agree, P. Heinrich is baby Schleiffin. One of my favorite ships in the game 🙂

    • Not arguing, just adding a perspective. The thing that bothers me about Prinz Heinrich is Bayern guns in what will often be a Tier IX battle. Slower shells and a lot less penetration than the 383 mm guns on Gneisenau and above. If you have the skill and luck to play in brawling range, that doesn’t matter, or at least not as much.
      The other side of the equation is accuracy. Shells that miss penetrate nothing. The Prinz Heinrich’s battlecruiser dispersion/sigma is a lot easier to handle than Gneisenau’s scattergun, and you get another turret with two more guns with Prinz Heinrich.

    • Random person 1000

      @Old_Guard and P heinrich gets useable secondaries that i build for, 9.5km at tier 7 is so much fun and not to mention 10km torps

  6. Marian Nedelchev

    NIce result! More krakens, more youtube videos 😁

  7. CV deplaned? unpossible.

  8. My favorite WoW Player out there and one of the best to play the game

  9. Nice very nice carry

  10. Another fun one to watch and learn from

  11. . . . In a Tier VII game. . .

  12. first thought on around 10 min these damage number are pretty average untill i realized this is tier VI

  13. Never move toward or away from the target or be stationary… indeed

  14. @7:27 Why did your secondaries just decide to take a 30 sec break there?

  15. Slap it baby 😅😂!!!

  16. I swear your volleys have streamer buff. My Mackensen dispersion is like a drunk dart player.

  17. I genuinely envy your team-mate sub player. So often I have games where all the BBs on my team on the same flank, huddle behind the furthest island or run to the corner 20km away from the fight, and refuse to pay any shred of attention at the minimap while I have the enemy sub detected or am being chased by a single DD between 3 allies for five minutes.

  18. I do love listening to Flambass while I play…. he is annoying is a such a good way o7

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