This Skill Massively Buffs Hindenburg

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. You should try lighthouse Clausewitz with eye in the sky 🙌🏼

  2. Hindenburg is such a beast

  3. Hindy was my first ever T10 even back during the CBT days when it came out. Glad to see she can still keep up in the current overmatch meta! Might need to get her back.

    • Nah she’s zoned out these days.

    • ​@fokion leile As someone who plays her a Ton, I have to disagree.
      She still holds my personal dmg record and is my go to ship to have a Great game, even in ranked. Sure, all that overmatch sucks, but that doesn’t only effect her, all cruisers struggle in such matchups.

    • @Choukai_Chan yeah dont worry whenever i decide to replay this cursed game she’s the first to come out from port

    • there was no Hindi in CBT 🙂

  4. I’ve been using this skill for a while. The range helps massively, especially with Hindy being slightly slower. The duration penalty was already a fine trade for me. Not having it now just makes me love my Hindy even more.

    • I agree 100%. I’ve been using it since PQ highlighted it on the Venetzia like a year ago. Now it’s required for my long range CA’s and CL’s. Put it on the Lazlo for just pure fun… 78 second action time with a 5 second cooldown. LOL

    • Most Hindy drivers have. Potato is just finding out about so he’s just a little late to the party

  5. I’ve been thinking of running this on Azuma (giving up TGG for it, IDK what to do with the other two points, unless I give up GTG so I can take HAP or another 3pt)

    • Azuma’s terrible flight time towards the end of her range makes it harder and less comfortable. Its better on the lower drag stuff. Zao and Henri does better than Azuma/Yoshino, sadly. Those 310mm HE shells have terrible air drag.

    • I would drop Heavy AP, to be honest. Even the 305mm cruisers need to use HE quite a bit.

  6. Too bad about all the 457 guns that just ignore Hindi’s armor because I still love this ship. She used to be so tanky.

  7. easily my fav wows content creator <3

  8. I do play Hindy with range mod, my situational awareness is not yet good enough to play at 17 kms. But this does look like an interesting alternative. Love this ship, she’s solid in all conditions.

  9. Thanks Hindy was my favorite, back in the early phase. Power creep like crazie. I will fire it up, Legendary Mod, what do you think.

  10. Tried it, liked it, thanks PQ. Hated taking range mod on Hindi

  11. Wow. I used spotter plane skill a lot with many cruisers and now it’s much better! 🙂

  12. what i rememebr from my days on the beta test was that range was the meta

  13. A good AP salvo at range w hindy can get you mad damage. I’ve seen an 11k salvo before. the plunging fire is mad.

  14. Lutjens + Lighthouse Hindi is something else man.

  15. USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

    What I really love about your videos is the way you speak out your thought process. For instance, you verbally said that you didn’t expect Satsuma to stay detected so you didn’t pop spotter, you also acknowledged you were spotted presumably by Daring so you popped hydro. It really helps even me out and I’ve been playing for nearly 4 years

    • Same.
      Even tho I probably would have done the same in those situations, it still feels good to hear that an overall better player would have made the identical choice.

  16. I wish Golieth had a spotter plane available now… 16.8km range without range mod is hard going these days especially when Nevsky gets 19km

  17. Me nab, but I’d switch PT for IFA and that 1pt. skill for faster reload of spotting plane probably. Juice it as much as possible for fun.
    EDIT: Or I would give up demo expert instead…

  18. Norbert Daniels

    This makes her like she felt back before the fall of her tankyness. The reload booster gives her SO much more firepower over time, and her velocity and “reasonable” accuracy, it’s clear an 8K salvo to a Satsuma at like 18km is just insane.

  19. TheChronographer

    I’ve been doing both, range mod and eye in the sky. Bb’s don’t like all the return fire at 24km.

  20. Seems to me that buff to the spotter is an unstated acknowledgement by WG that the game isn’t going to become any less a sclerotic, passive ‘snipe’ fest at very long ranges.
    Too hard to fix THAT, so they just made it easier for other ships to reach those longer ranges.

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