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  2. Obamaprism The Typo Master

    Haha, welcome to the GHPC gang. Absolutely wonderful game, you posting about ir might help its development with new players buying the game

  3. You should try Steel Beast Pro. It is quite more expensive (around 125$), but its on a whole another level.


    This game looks crazy good 👀

  5. Love the content Phly, keep it up!
    Combo time, non premium P61 black widow and m4a2.
    Attempt 119 (last video he posted was deleted)

  6. I love the part where your commander said traverse right and you traversed left. Never let them know your next move

  7. @PhlyDaily Hello! That T55 sight is called a “choke”, and you use the lower graduated lines to determine range. Then you use the lines with numbers on them as the target points. There’s different groups of lines for different rounds and the width of the line is used for applying lead. So if you “choke” at 1500m, then you use the 1500m line and place the center of the line over the target if its stationary.

    Also, the thermals for M60A3 and M1 are actually thermals. It looks like they’re going for first gen thermals which were a lot more limited than modern ones.

    • yeah I belive the game takes place in the late cold war, so no modern thermals. but it’s really impressive tbh that thermals were very nice even for low res. hope we get gulf war combat, even if it was a turkey shoot for the US

    • @Nata1014 I’m honestly loving the Fulda Gap scenarios. As a former tanker stationed in Germany, it was always a topic of debate how it’d go down. And I like the late 80’s timeframe for it. So great!

    • @djborst1 another late 80s cold war gone hot game I have to recommend is World in Conflict, an amazing game

    • The game is situated in 1985
      Cold war gone hot

    • Aren’t those lines supposed to measure range, i.e. put the bottom line at the bottom of the tank and if it fills it up that’s the range?

  8. I love how the commander says traverse right as he traverses left,

  9. Dope video,

    You should make a list of games you want to try and do a full month of just new games.

  10. What i love about this game is the controls are arcade like to make it easy to make the vehicle do what you want it too and the hits are super realisticly simulated. 8/10 for controls, 10/10 for realism!

  11. Tank commander: “Traverse right!”
    Phly: *looks left* “I don’t see him?!”

    Jokes aside phly if you hold space bar when the commander finds a target he will turn the turret to face it for you

    Edit: also all the voice lines you are hearing are coming just from your tank. Not the other tank giving you guidance

  12. Yep that’s actually thermal but the US tanks had the green hue over it so your eyes don’t get burned as much, and the “White Hot” means the more heat the object radiates, the brighter it’s shown on the display, doesn’t necessarily has to be in greyscale. Also the “TTS” behind the Patton litterally means “Tank Thermal Sight”. Nice to have you back we all miss you :))

    • Also most of the more modern Abrams systems have the ability for the user to choose thermal display colours between green or black and white.

  13. Glad you enjoyed playing our game!

  14. “No aircraft to ruin your day”
    If only warthunder could make a mode like this….

  15. Nicholas Salchert

    I been playing this game since it released with my dad (retired M1A2 tank commander) and he says that this game was way better than the actual simulators they use in the army

  16. I gotta get this game. That sound design is amazing, gave me anxiety hearing him scream fire.

  17. Need MORE OR THIS. Reminds me of the older sim games I used to play on PC. The way the crew talks and panics is really cool too.


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  18. I love this!!! I’m for sure going to get this game, I would like to see more of this from you Phly!

  19. This game border line looks like a war thunder killer. It looks really really good. I love the voices when the tanks crested at ypu in your 1st mission and they all sounded panicked


      Thanks for watching and leaving a comment? I have a prize for you message the address above on telegram to claim 🎊🎉 🎊

  20. I am a US army tank commander and I can say this game is as accurate as it gets down to every little detail.

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