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We’re taking our first look at the Early Access T7 Italian destroyer, Cuniberti. I kind of think this line is overall weak in terms of efficient and high damage output, but what it is very good at is devastating enemy DDs with SAP main guns. That’s usually enough to win most games, and that’s ultimately what counts.

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  1. Well-played, but I’m confused as to the benefit you’re getting from the Megatron inspiration. GG…enjoyed watching!

  2. Very well said and played, these DDs are practically only destroyer hunters. Also, if that Hsienyang had any sense, he would have been running radar. If so, that would have won it for the reds but he didnt and that allowed you go on carry the match.

  3. Megatron? I think you meant to place rumble there. Someone kinda understands the way i play them, but i really crap on the concealment. After you deal with the DDs, its still the best anyway. I have mordoff and sims, with full reload and mortar, with the TAS mod to detect those buggers in my or their smoke sooner than them. GG.

    • Oh my god I realized that. I can’t believe I did that. You’re right though. It’s supposed to be Rumble. No wonder I thought the range was so low.

  4. Can’t wait to play t6 and above cause I’m definitely not a fan of the t5 I luckily got.

  5. I like the line. Definitely brawling ships. I’d love the torps to be either faster or hit harder… While testing ways to use these ships, I was able to yolo in and get all my torps on target on some random battleship. When they hit, I swear I saw feathers fly out instead of explosions.😅

  6. I think this destroyer line fits perfectly to my aggressive DD hunting playstyle. I haven’t been lucky with early access crates, though. Looking forward to grind the line next update.
    BTW, Megatron? His basetrait only affects BBs as far as I know. I think soviet commander Rumble is the one you’re looking.


  7. I like this line.
    The speed with boost is 50+kn perfect for charging in to smoke and forcing enemy DDs.
    This is a destroyer hunting ship.
    I run the smoke Commander and boost into Movement speed with inspirations.
    Guns are not with investing and torps are not worth it either. also concealment is not worth it.
    Buff the speed and smoke.

  8. All Tech Tree Italian DDs are yolo emilio light boats.

    They put in work once you learn em.

    • A Blackpriest14

      no. they dont have decent torps, not even close to emilio

    • @A Blackpriest14  There’s a reason I said emilio *”Light”*

      Takes some work, but you can pull a yolo on enemy ships with half HP or less (Even better when their DC is on cooldown).

      Granted I only have the T4 & 5 Spaghetti DDs from free boxes.

  9. Demosthenes Tserikis

    They need a buff on their torps.

  10. Slap bumblebee to add like 15% to speed boost duration…

  11. Why Megatron isnt he only for bb’s ..mabey a better choice would be rumble with the formentioned bumble bee for the speed

  12. A Blackpriest14

    Badly played by Akizuki. Only th8ng he had to do is out spot you all the time and his cruisers had killed u. Nothing Italien dd can do aginst being out spotted. Stupid to engage and he even didnt use torps on you.
    Also jo cv in game. Italiens are underperforming against spotting dd, radar and cv.
    You played well but my guess is, the same game played in Fletcher or tashcan, you would have done even better. 😊

    SAP is too much hyped. It only hits against dd and only broadside ones. If nose in, sap sucks and the usp is gone. Too many drawbacks.

    • I’m not gonna disagree with your assessment. You’re probably correct on all counts. BUT… I find the Italian DDs fun with their exhaust smoke and super duper engine boost. Gives them a unique flavor.

    • A Blackpriest14

      @Xarkun agreed, if only.. the speed boost wouldnt be just pathetic 20 to 30s which gets it to close to 50kts for about remaining 10s. Avoids one salvo, maybe.
      Rolling smoke is the have to go for gimmick, also HE fires work ok of you have a spotter. since the ship heavily relies on a spotter, I consider it to work better in divisions. solo it has so many drawbacks, the few sap moments cannot make up for it, IMO.

  13. Please note I am a potato. The inspiration on my build should be RUMBLE, not Megatron. Megatron increases main battery range on BATTLESHIPS, whereas Rumble increases it on DDs. But evidentially when I set this build up, I had a brain malfunction.

  14. Luann Szalewski

    Really enjoyed this one!

  15. Is there betting while playing game.

  16. 7 torps for pommern , u had one hit on atlantico

  17. Try Fulgosi with a speed build and Glass Cannon… only build that saves what is left of my hair.

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