This was a hard game – World of Warships

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I know it is a CV game but it was a good CV vs CV fight and right down to the last ship.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. flybass back at it again.

    • Fancy seeing you here! I wonder what the overlap is between guys who watch Wargaming content, and people who watch Jason and Rigby, or Jeff Williams, or My Self Reliance…

    • @Pete Hall I do watch Jeff Williams from time to time. Jason is Great. Rigbone is the boss after all.

  2. Our second favorite CV main is back?

  3. Wg spaghetti coding. Prop planes catching up with jets…..

  4. Great joke at the start of the match!
    Married dudes can relate!

  5. T11 cv fighters are also jet. And Sekiryu rocket plane jets are very fast. I think he has a skill called enhanced reactions, so they look like normal fighters.

  6. Tier 11 CVs have jet fighters, on top of that based on how quickly they engaged, the Sekiryu user was using the enhanced reactions captain skill.

  7. Sekiryu is running “Enhanced Ractions”. It isn’t unique to the ship. It gives -80% to the time before attack, at the expense of +50% arrival time. Since the fighters are also jets, the -50% means nothing. They just show up and shred you. You managed to run in to a competent CV player, he deserves a comp.

  8. Someone needs to tell the Montana player that planes are not effective at stopping shells from other battleships. LOL

  9. Imagine thinking fighters are an actual counter to cv strikes

  10. Pasch got slapped in his Missouri after 4 mins xD

  11. Its a Bad sign when u recognize ppl as ur ex Clan in these vids and theyre the ones complaining and insulting… good thing i left those clowns

  12. RomuloCavalcanti 1905

    Nice game💥💥💥

  13. A hard game? You were lucky to have a hard game! We used to play in one match, 26 of us. And half the map was missing. We were all huddled in one corner, for fear of falling into a map for a different match. 😂 Source: Four Yorkshiremen by Monty Python

  14. Decent watch for a CV game 😛

  15. This one should go to Jingles, haha what a throw

  16. Fighters that are actually useful… are only on a CV. Oh the irony.

  17. Holly damn, amazing game Wp! A CV game I enjoyed watching

  18. Hope the fighter changes announced for RU come to everyone else.

  19. 8:11 the sole reason I dont play CV anymore.

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