This will NEVER happen again – World of Warships

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This was Incomparable, in every sense of the word. One of the best and worst experiences ever and it will probably NEVER happen again.

Enjoy this show and have fun watching 😉

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  1. my god how many torps … that was unexpected , you would normally think also the enemy BBs wouldn’t be switched on yet 🙂

  2. Clearly Flamby had a good time LOL

  3. I love how he went from creepy stalker voice to, near the end, a deranged and confused Spanish guy voice.

  4. how does it feel to get hit with hidden content creator accuracy bonus in return for once

  5. Well done by that Mino, great game Flambass

  6. Always great to watch your battles Flambino. Check your crew list for Hans . . . Take care on the high seas mate 😛

  7. – It was the best of games. It was the worst of games. –
    Novel by Flambass. 950 pages. Available in bookstores near you in 2055.

  8. That was an experienced Mino player who didnt torp the grey indicator

  9. Usually WoWS standard: one step forward and two steps back. Some days you get lucky (helps to be good at the game) and you get three steps forward and two steps back.

  10. That sub going “wtf team” after dying alone next to the enemy made me feel a nice and warm feeling I haven’t felt since I quit before the CV rework, glad to see the playerbase still doesn’t learn to blame themselves.

    • In most cases, there’s just 24 teams in a game. A dozen selfish, arrogant jack holes on each side 85% of matches. It’s gotten pathetic.

    • The other sub went “gg team” “fail” dying alone next to a mino as well

    • yup they charge and expect me to follow them. they die and i get left in the open spotted targeted by someone in cover as a i slowly burn to death.

  11. 0:38 “Thank you for the subs!” – A sentence WG has never heard, except sarcastically.

  12. That’s the payback for the first game. Wg does that to me all the time. Can’t have fun all the time lol

  13. Event Progenitor

    If your doing it to grind your stats it would be nice to see a before and after of the stats too.

  14. Paweł Ludwiczak

    Judging by the title I was sure this would be a Montana game 😀

  15. Don’t worry Twitch viewers; we love you too. Because you get to see all the times Flambass loses and keep him motivated for more matches.
    But seriously, it was cool to see Flambass take time to hang out with Mr Jingles irl.

  16. I introduced my girlfriend to this game.. she wasnt very good and rarely plays. in her second week of playing in a battle she got 11 kills and a solo warrior, I have never come close to that number. I am regularly taunted to this day.

  17. 3:45, i swear no other game ive ever played has brought this out in me/us. We really really do hate the other side quite often, but not the man, the ship? Odd aint it.

  18. I love how one of his team mates complained.

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