This Worth a New Achievement? – World of Warships

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They need to invent a new achievement for something like this. As if 1 wasn’t rare enough, 2 is just crazy and then make it in a row xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. only flambass can do this lol

  2. Well, I have seen you doing better, my friend, these are for sure from mode where nothing matters 🙂

  3. Disable some ships in this mode be priceless 🙂

  4. How much of a time window is there to die simultaneously and make it a draw?

  5. This was by far the worst try to dodge incoming torpedos i habe ever seen hahahahaha

  6. If I got 2 draw’s in a row against Flambass I’d be feeling pretty good about my Warship’s game!

  7. same ship with same skills and DPM makes it a draw 😀

  8. Imagine getting a extra rewards for playing well in this game

  9. mechanical engineer

    90% I end up play against Pommern or the shit ruprecht! Hydro,torps good manuverability, good guns and I losing almost every time in my Mogador ! They must limit them somehow!

  10. I did die at the same time as a BB but since i had cap, i won. ( Btw brawl is so boring after 5 games, i am not gonna farm the 60 games )

  11. IMO the whole achievement system needs to be updated. It’s seven years old. Add also when they remove the signal flags to the medals, it should have been done then. WP Flambass despite the ties.

    • If you think the achievement system has’nt been updated in seven years. Im guessing you havent played in seven years

    • @Bonde7280 It took WG 5 years before they put in Division medals and that was even at half ass. My point is WG is lacking in giving WoWS player rewards for game performance. There are no medals for the division for taking out the enemy team, example 9+ out of 12 in random battles. There are no medals for scouting/spotting the enemy (8+ or more). There are no medals for highest potential damage (3mil+). No medal for most torpedoes (10+) missed. No medal for the highest hit % (such as 80%+ hits). No medal for capturing the maximum number of points (80+) from the capture points. No medal for destroying all of either CVs/Subs/BBs/CAs/DDs classes. There are no medals for sinking all of the enemy team. This is just a few that I can think of as place markers for WoWS rewards. It’s like as if WG has given up in ideas in rewarding WoWS players having great games. Can you think of any rewards that WG should be giving in WoWS battles?

  12. Matthew Klestinski

    I’d have to say, two in a row is wild, but I have very high expectations from you, Flambass. If anyone can, you can.

  13. Draws are normal in one vs one. Peoples skills are not that different. Economic resources after many years of playing can be scaring – but skills not so much.

  14. I had 1 draw I was on Warspite I whiped out Pyotr Velikiky who had 2 thirds hp left which left me and Calfornia both on 4 kills each neither wanted to give way so we crashed and got Krakens and drew the game, my only draw in almost 2500 standard battles

  15. is someone could do it, or would be the great Flambino

  16. looks fun to me anyway. unfortunately when I play this in a DD i get matched vs Radar cruiser…like 5 times in a row. then i escaped. word.

  17. 1 draw in today’s world of warships game is like 1 in a million. 2 in a row? You have ascended to another level

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