Thoughts on Jean Bart Release – World of Warships

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Discussing the different methods to obtain Jean Bart, I also talk about community hostility toward new players and premiums. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Battleship Jean Bart Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. At least I have something new to dump my coal on. That’s 171k coal after the 25% coupon (which is still cheaper than the Salem). As for the purchasing model, coal is slower to accumulate (barring special events or supercontainers) so this is probably a form of time-gating which further incentivizes the cash route. For me, I’ll just stick with coal.

    Re: elitist attitudes over premiums
    Yeah, I don’t care. If they want to spend money, that’s on them. Not my place to say only people who have played XXX games can play ship Y. Seriously, get over yourself. It’s just a game and we need more players. Now having said that, I can understand why people prefer if you had more experience before jumping in to the higher tier games (T8+), because your lack of experience can pull down a team at a level where small mistakes can snowball and draw the ire of your teammates.

  2. I agree, probably this will be the Detpitz of tier IX now because people will buy the most expensive premium ship available in the shop

    • Lowest hit point pool for a T9 BB (offset with speed) and low number of small guns (offset with reload rate and MBRB)… yeah, not exactly noob friendly. Maybe if you have experience with Dunker and Riche, this will be a natural evolution of the French line. Otherwise, it’s a wake up call especially if they’re not accustomed to TX play since that is what they will probably see most of the time.

  3. i wouldnt have spent my coal for the salem, if i would have known that the Jean Bart is not sold for free xp…. feels bad men

  4. Notser, I know that you wanted to point out, how stupid the argument of new players not being able to buy high tier premiums is, but, for me, your argument backfired. Hard.
    I never thought much about new drivers buying expense sport cars, but if there was an election about it, you know I’m going to vote for the minimal driving experience requirement to buy those types of cars!
    It doesn’t matter if it’s in real life, or in videogames, people want to feel badass and cool with expensive toys, especially when they’re new to it and it’s exciting.
    We have to protect them from themselves either losing their lifes/cars to accidents, or their fun for the game by being absolutely destroyed in high tier games when they have no idea what to do.

    • +Byron Bailey I’m not going to answer any other comments, but you calling me a commie deeply insults me. I am anything but that.

    • +Jules Vallez I’m german, and over here we kinda do stuff like this.

    • +Chann Winson
      thats a horrible idea.
      skill based MM will actually make teams for good players permanently worse than average, which is WORSE than random teams now.

    • +cobrazax I don’t see how it will make it worse if the amount of good and and poor players selected for a match get distributed equally between the two teams. It will just make it less likely that one side gets completely stomped. IT will still happen because one team will work together while the other side might not. I don’t know about you but I dislike those battles even when I am on the winning side. Again not saying that good players should only be matched up against players of equal skill-levels. So if there is something I missed please let me know.

    • +Chann Winson
      currently players are random, so lets assume average skill.
      skill based MM will make your team worse if u r good, and better if u r bad.
      a good player in the team will force MM to put worse players in his team to balance the teams as he automatically takes the spot of a good player for balance reasons.
      a unicum player will have it even worse as he takes a unicum player spot which will make most if not ALL of his team worse than him because of MM.
      it will only make the teams worse for the best players and teams better for the worst players.
      a division of unicum players will have a team full of players worse or FAR worse than them to balance team skill level.

  5. I think it should be offered a bunch of ways. They should allow purchase through straight cash, or free XP, or Coal.

  6. Sad to see wows slowly becoming like wot….. But let’s no forget that it is wg…. Let the milking begin. And for anyone that tries to defend wg that means that a player with 0 battles can get his credit card and get this ship. At least with the old system you had to accumulate the free xp (by playing the game) and then pay money. Just sad…

    • yup fxp was PERFECT as it made u have to play to buy the T9 prems. freely if u play a lot and very well, or not too many if u r willing to pay a lot.
      that was totally fair and made sense to get some experience for the high tier players at least…
      i want all prems to be for fxp!!

  7. 80 Euro for a virtual item within a game are you serious? Thats just excessive! Am i the only one who feels that way? A full game will cost you less.

    • It is very excessive in my opinion – but obviously they’ve done their maths and they know people will pay it. It is really a joke when a single vehicle in a game that has quite limited expansiveness and isn’t even finished costs you more than the entire finished game RDR2.

    • I heard Gaijin sells $800 tank bundles.

    • There is forum running in Asia where they are saying that WG wants to see the response of player base to tier 9 premium shop ships (obviously paying capacity of server). It is way too expensive agreed but at the end of the day rest of the game remains free. There are games where you have to pay to level up or stay locked out. I would be upset if WG asks players to pay up in order to progress beyond say tier 8 tech trees but those remain free.

    • Oliver Sturm in my country, a full game like Battlefield is as expensive as a Tirpitz, so get an idea…

    • Its too expensive, and i bought it to make credits and it sucks, not even close to the older t9 premiums

  8. This honestly scares me; The fact that WG is purposely getting rid of rules set for a quick buck is in no way a good idea; and they should have at LEAST done a CC survey before thinking of releasing it for money, Now that they have stopped that rule, Whats stopping them now from selling premium T10s, and for a “Christmas special” bring back the Missouri for real money?

    • Players should not be avle to buy their way into tier ten matches with ships that are miles better than anything in the tech tree. That’s what killed world of tanks.

    • +nick garner fyi Femmenenly hinted that they will be gifting the Missi — when Mr Conway hits the US special event – this Sat.. so tune in

    • +derek96720
      thats why i think they should have ALL prems to be fxp ships. this way u will HAVE to play at least some games to buy prem ships, especially high tier ones.
      currently u can still get into high tier battles the moment u start the game…
      it will also make us have to think hard before we spend our hard earned fxp!

    • dude they dont make any money on that shit or enough money that is why they are selling first.

    • They will eventually sell premium T10s. They will eventually offer the Missouri for real money. Not sure why you don’t expect them to cash in when desperate, it’s WG.

  9. We’ll be seing T10 premiums for money soon. Ohyeah and in most jurisdictions people have to rack up some time on smaller CC motorcycles before they’re allowed to buy a bigger machine.

  10. Lol.. this game does not belong to everyone, it belongs to WG and if they want to sell ships to whomever they feel like and they will …it’s about them making money.. not making people happy. .. tell that rich kid he can’t have a Porsche at age 18.. yea right Watch how fast you’ll be disappointed.

  11. No issue with the cash shop inclusion, what has pissed most of us off is the lack of information. I wanted JB months before release, I unlocked a French Dasha for it, I saw a FXP conversion sale so I spent 110$ on doubloons and converted the 750k FXP I would need for JB, based on the fact that T9 Premiums would “Never be sold for cash” and the precedent established by ALL OTHER T9 premiums. For them to come out with next to no warning, release the ship as a cash or coal ship screws my whole plan and pisses me off as now I have to not only spend another 80$ to get the ship (less than what I already spent to acquire her via FXP) but now I have to take it in the pants and just shut up and be happy about it. F@#$ that man, I’ve been a paying customer since beta and im done with it now. I don’t NEED a JB I wanted one and was willing to pay for it, now I have to pay for it twice because a group of dicks around a table can’t make a plan….hell no, I’ll still play WoWs but Im done paying for it, when my premium expires I won’t be reupping. I wont be unlocking anymore FXP cause why the hell would I? I have 1.4 mill FXP sitting there now, enough to unlock the rest of the T10 ships I don’t already have, I don’t have hours and hours of time to harvest all of these resources entered into the game.

    ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS SAY HEY – We are considering adding more ways for you to acquire JB and ships in the future, BESIDES FXP*, coal or a premium shop bundle….how was that difficult to do 60 days ago when they first started teasing JB release?!?!?! This is a constant problem from WG, not the first time I’ve blown over 100$ to not get what I wanted to spend that money on from a WG product, so I now consider there products fun* but a bad place to put my gaming budget.

    Apparently WG and Blizzard use the same marketing department.

    • Drossel Von Flugel

      Maybe the Bourgogne would be a free exp ship and you can use it for that.

    • I understand your frustration, but honestly you made the mistake. Patience is a virtue they say. You should not have gone and converted free exp before the ship was released…

    • Even if he hadn’t spent the doubloons, he still would be screwed because you cant buy coal with doubloons; or convert fxp into coal.

    • I didn’t spend anywhere near that much but I too purchased consumable to help grind out the free xp for both the JB and alaska. Like you I’m rather pissed off they’re experimenting with this form of payment. These premium T9s were conceptualized to be fxp sinks and a way to reward long time active players. Now that reward is locked behind a pay wall or RNG from crates. Sure we both made the error in assumption, but the slap in the face of the latter is still there.

    • +K_A Do you not realize how incredibly poor of a response that is from a business stand point? This isn’t high school, in the adult world people plan ahead, Im not sitting here saying cry cry cry, Im saying that WGs business practices have alienated their paying customer base and have damaged their bottom line for no equitable reason. No one care’s who’s fault it is, that’s not even the point here…..

  12. Usually agree with ya man, but not here 7:07. I’m a 54% player, so slightly above average I would say, with similar stats in World of Tanks. I see the same problem here that plagued WoT. People download the game, don’t want to grind, and they run out and buy a Tirpitz/Mass/Loyang like they would an IS-6/T34/KV-5 and jump straight into the game with very little or ZERO experience with ANY of the mechanics of the game. Overlooking the fact that they aren’t going to be skilled AT ALL straight off the rip, they don’t understand angles, shell types (when to switch/what to use), speed, smokescreens, radar, hydro etc.. So you end up with some fucking Oxygen thieving, mouth-breathing, window licker sailing around in a Tirpitz or Mass. slinging nothing but HE because “It’s so good, it ALWAYS does damage! and the other shells don’t work!” So no, I disagree, it’s not ALL elitism, I would say most of it isn’t elitism. I would say the majority of people saying this are just like me, we’re sick and fucking tired of getting a bunch of brand new players in T8 premiums (soon to be tier 9) sailing around like fucking morons making the game harder on everyone else. I would say it should be changed to you can’t purchase a premium ship until you’ve researched another ship of the same tier from the tech tree. And your driving of the car example works perfectly (against you in this case) you HAVE to learn how to drive before you can purchase a super car.

    • Nick you sound like 99% of the crying, bitching people i see at Tier X- and your rant proved it. You ARE the problem at 8-10, not some dude that wants to have fun in a new shiny Prem and doesn’t have the time to grind like you do apparently and join your “Club”. Try helping that mouth breather instead of ranting on Chat if you so feel he is screwing up your game.

    • Apenas outro autista

      I download WOT today because I was tired of War Thunder Tank BS, and I regreted. I love WoWs and I really fear it death. There’s some problems but overral it’s a very fun game, and not much p2w. And I spent money on WoWs(even more that I spend on War Thunder, where I have the double of the game time), so I want this game to be great.

    • General Cartman Lee

      I am more sick and tired of people who died thorugh the tech tree.
      It makes no difference if someone has 100 battles and buys a high tier premium or fails around for 6000 battles until he finally reaches tier 10.
      It would make a difference if a game was only a few months old. In the first 6-12 months you did not encounter those sub 40% tomatoes in high tier battles, apart from a few Tirpitz drivers.
      But nowadays you regularly encounter people who died thorugh the tech tree without any premium ships in their tier 10 BBs with less than 40K average damage.
      We have to face the truth, the majority of players is not interested in learning to play the game but is happy driving around with their ships making boom.

    • So much this…
      9999999999999999999! (that is way more than +1 btw)

    • lol, you don’t need a drivers license to buy a supercar. just money

  13. The car analogy is a really bad one as it actually supports the opposite side to what your where arguing. You do have to learn and pass a test before you can buy a supercar 🙂 And also the same fear is there of someone not having a clue how to play/drive in fact it is worse as in a car they could actually hurt some one.

    Now my opinion (opinions are not fact regardless of what people say although some may have more weight than others not mine but some 🙂 ) is that it is a free to play game and they need to make money, but honestly I would prefer a training period before buying a high tier premium but not to save us having to play against them! Rather how great can their experience of the game be if they face tier 10 and can do nothing and get blown out of the water? I wonder if WG have figure of how many buy a ship then play it for a few games and then quit the game?

    • +TrungVN the Purpdonkey The same arguments you could use against a day 1 premium account user. Premium accounts generates to many xp for noobs, so they can reach t10 under 500 games. So you could say, dont allow premium accounts for players under 1k games.
      On the other hand, i have met 10k+ players who had barely any idea of the game mechanics, claiming secret nerfs for their failure. And then i have met players, who were rocking in the midtiers with under 200 games, because they knew their ship and the mechanics.
      Just saying, that veterans are not necessarily good players.
      And yes, troll gamers annoy me in t8-10 as well as so passiv players, you could assume, they’re dead/afk.

    • TrungVN the Purpdonkey

      Normal car or supercar, you need a driving lisence. Registering for the game is like signing up for a driving course or driving test. Passing the driving test means that you at least know how to handle your vehicle. The same can not be said about new players with their shiny new premium ships. They have NO IDEA (or too little knowledge) on how to handle them.

    • +TrungVN the Purpdonkey Sadly passing that not so optimal tutorial and that little barrier in your account level is the ‘driving license’. WG thinks, this is enough, so thats what we get then. But it’s WG’s fault likewise the CV desaster was.
      I knew guys, who got a Mecerdes 200 at their 18th birthday, when they were allowed to drive alone. For some it became a deadly present. So even a RL driving license doesn’t save you from your own stupidity.
      If you want to prevent yourself from that possibility to get random idiot team mebers, you need to play clan battles or division.

    • +TheRobbiUno There is a superbike driving test.

    • +Embay yabme You know you can’t driver a superbike without a special license ¿rigth? first you driver a normal bike for 2 YEARS and then, you are allowed to take a TEST that allows you to BUY a superbike.

  14. Just go back to the basic, why you wanted to play high tier but not the low one, what you expect should be a much exciting game, the competition between experience , between your skill. Not the one never know the game and keep rushing or hide behind the map and destroy your game. I can see there is platoon between 2 players with 400 games with 42% win rate and got a premium. They are properly having fun with death but they are also destroying my game at the same time. you can still decrease the impact of it when you are T9, T10. If they can buy a T9/T10 directly, GG. In this game, REMEMBER, you barely can carry the team like World of tanks.

  15. Here’s a simple answer to the issue. You can only play your shiny new premium ship in Co-op mode unless you have unlocked a standard ship of the same tier. This would enable the person who starts a new account to play the ship right away, without inflicting their unfamiliarity with the game on people in Random battles (or other modes). There would be potential suffering with your Co-Op team mates, but this would leave fewer people vulnerable to new players who haven’t got the familiarity required for the Tier of ship they are playing in Randoms.
    In line with your car analogy, where I live, driver’s licenses have a graduated system. The first level requires the presence of a fully licensed driver in the vehicle and the new driver cannot go on major highways or drive between midnight and 5 AM. As the driver progresses through training or experience, they can be tested to advance to the next level. (Less restrictions etc.) If you give a 16 year old the keys to a super car without supervision and structure, it will end badly.

    • Co-op teaches little about game tactics, especially those in Random battles. Co-op play is best/better for just sailing around to shoot things without any real regard to the game objective. Therefore, “containing” new players/new ship owners to co-op does not help. WG has built a game that is rich with mechanics, but the education they offer is very limited. I think WG are trying to improve conditions with videos about concealment, HE, damage, etc., etc., but there’s no requirement to watch or understand.

      At the end of the day, it’s just a game, so while we might get frustrated with inexperienced players involved in matches they are unprepared for, let them play. WG might want to consider implementing match-making that tries to group players based on records, but even that practice can be “gamed” (e.g., smurfing to seal-club, etc.).

  16. “The best thing you can do, is always try and improve yourself. The worst thing you can do is look at yourself as being better than everyone else.”
    -Notser I love how many life lessons can be taken out all of Notser’s videos 10/10 better than flamu

    • I don´t think that Flamu actually wants to be a moral role-model like Notser.
      Flamu´s content (almost purely educational) has a different claim than the content of Notser (opinions, life lessons, …)

    • +Einfach Yeah, Flamu’s toxicity is entertaining, but Notser is just so wholesome and loveable

    • +Andre Sorensen Yeah, I would’t call it toxicity, rather a more “real” approach to the community

    • flamuu is a realist notser is an utopist, the more i play the more i fund flamuu being right

  17. free XP should come naturally… if you are grinding for free XP specifically you are missing the point… I like that they are offering this ship for coal/$

  18. hi bro, vanth here, I am concerned about the way WG has changed up the sale of the t9 premium. This ship does not interest me in the least, I do however have roughly a million free xp saved for the Alaska, which is what I have been looking forward to. Suffice to say, if it goes the way of the jean bart in the (sales pitch) the free exp will lose a lot of its value in game, in fact most of it. Like you, my thoughts are on by playing the game, and choosing to grind, cause lets face it, a million free xp is not going to happen overnight, is a very good way to reward those loyal folks in the community that play the game. Regardless, it will fall to us to give this feedback, so wargaming in their efforts to increase the profit margin may decide to include free exp in this (deal) as well as coal/premium shop, Guess my question is why not include it as well?

  19. @Notser I don’t think it’s elitism. It’s the fact that brand new players have no idea how to play game yet, and tier 8 or 9 is not the place to do that. It’s extremely frustrating for everyone for a newbie to think they are going to spend $60 and jump right in and be awesome because they have a powerful ship. Not only are they going to have a bad experience, but the people who are unfortunate enough to have that person on their team are going to have a bad experience. That is not good game design because it is not fun for anyone. Low tiers are the place to learn the basics of how the play the game. That is the way the game is designed. Yes, some people never learn anything and by the time they have ground a tier X they are still terrible. But why set up a system that is going to cause frustration for nearly everyone just so WG can cash in on certain people’s impulse to have the biggest guns right off the bat without “earning” it by learning the fundamentals of how to play the game first before jumping into tier 8+. Anyone can buy a supercar, but you do have to EARN a drivers license before you can drive it on public roads with other people.

    • totally agree.
      thats why i think they should have ALL prems to be fxp ships. this way u will HAVE to play at least some games to buy prem ships, especially high tier ones.
      currently u can still get into high tier battles the moment u start the game…
      it will also make us have to think hard before we spend our hard earned fxp!

      also i think to solve the problem of idiots that get to T10 and are still shit and never learn…WG should offer GOOD guide vids to players that regularly perform horribly in games, especially at high tiers. like if someone played horribly in a CV, they should pop up an offer to watch a high quality video guide to CVs.
      the regular idiots dont try to look for those vids, but if its offered them directly they will probably try to learn from it as they PROBABLY want to do better.

  20. I’m honestly not a big fan of people being able to buy their way to higher tiers (8, 9, 10) and this doesn’t just concern ships like Tirpitz or Jean Bart. People who free xp their way through a line to get to t10 often don’t know how to play that line well and can be a massive detriment to their teams especially in places like ranked. The ability to buy a high tier ship like this outright only exasperates this issue by allowing people who have never played the game at all to jump into high tier play where they are likely to get slaughtered, not only making the game not fun for their team, but potentially not fun for them either.

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