Tier 1 is more fun and intense than tier 10 – World of Warships

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Another ships I needed to improve my stats on was Eritrea, and to my surprise it was a much crazier game than I anticipated.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I remember a game where the allied bot destroyer released torpedoes when they clearly saw me crossing in front of them & they killed me.

  2. Looks like there’s some fun to be had at lower levels

    • Until it gets extremely repetitive after a few games. 😉

      WG sucks hard when it comes to low tier gameplay (not that high tier is a lot better with all those new gimmicks and gameplay-incompatible classes like CV and subs). It’s like those tiers are only to function as training wheels for the newbies and just another resource sink you want to skip as soon as possible when starting another line.

      I think this is the thing that Gaijin got right (at least partly). Even lowest tier vehicles are diverse and fun to play, the playstyles vary quite a lot when you move through the eras due to the platforms and weapon systems used. If only it wasn’t for the gruesome grind (well, it isn’t THAT bad if you’re ok with playing WWII vehicles only)…

    • @Moryc Żółw
      When it gets repetitive just ALT F4 and play something else. Until you get the urge to blow up some pixel boats that is. And then you also play only T1

    • Well a bit ago WG nomalized the shells across T1 and then made so they could only see T1; the British one had short fuse AP only which was fun while it lasted, so was taking out the Mikasa and machine-gunning people. T1 is now alone and T2 is bottom, not mid tier.

    • Beater Bike Channel MFGA

      Oh yeah. Von Der Tann is a low tier battlecruiser but it’s like a Swiss army knife!

    • @Legendendear That’s what I’ve been doing for years. IDK when I started playing but stealth fire on DDs was a thing back then and Błyskawica was a top-tier gunboat (so quite a while ago). 😉

      I’ve been going back to the game from time to time and unfortunately each and every time I go back it’s even worse and more tedious… 🙁

  3. Maybe we should all go down to Tier 1.
    Leave the subs and CVs and fake-CVs alone.

    • @dominges
      Well if they do that we can find a different game to play

    • Heck ya! Make them eat their own shit. I remember I had extreme fun at tier 1 – 3 with friends.

    • I only play levels 4/5/6 and I don’t intend to go any higher.
      Otherwise, I would have already uninstalled…

    • Since the release of subs I have only played tiers 1-4 and do my best to seal club the crap out of new players. I consider it my duty to try to ruin WG’s game as fast as WG is ruining the game.

    • T2 is fun too, jousting with the frontal-torpedoes of the V-25 is super fun. and no threat of CV still since it’s just T2 and T3.

  4. You showed them who da Boss, Flambino!!! XD

    One of the reasons I like War Thunder so much more – you can play low-tier and always meet worthy opponents.
    There are always high-level players in those tiers. First off, it is not designed as a sort of Noob-safe-space like in WOWs, and secondly there are so many enjoyable low-tier vehicles that players always come back from time to time.

    • So having more seal clubbers is a positive thing to you? o.O

    • @ainumahtar It didn’t feel overwhelming when I was a Seal. It was a though school, though – I learned really quick that I’d better be careful and don’t do recless things, or I’d get spanked.
      Again: it was tough but doable.

      You have 70-80% Noobs and the rest veterans in your low-tier teams. As said before, low-tier is no exclusive save-space for noobs as in WOWs, it is a regular place to play for everyone.

    • @ainumahtar “seal clubber” lmao dude have you seen tier 10? Most players still have no idea how to play.

    • @Arisudev A lot of vets are leaving because they are tired of WGs shit, the people left are the dunning-kreuger people to a much larger extent than before, but that to me is still not the same as shitting on actual new people while you have tens of thousands of battles in experience.

    • @ainumahtar considering there are plenty of people with less than 200 games playing superships, yeah I don’t think seal clubbing is a problem in current wg. At least, not a big problem. Also, new players at low tier can be excused when they make mistakes. At top tier, no. Bad decisions should be called out. However, since they’re new, they simply don’t know better and whatever you say won’t suddenly make them better. So you’re alone getting frustrated at tier 10.

  5. That took inordinate amount of time and effort. Seal clubbing be hard LOL

  6. More of this! Flambass at low tier is great!

  7. Tier 1 is the most balanced and basic ship to ship combat in the game, that is why it is fun to play. The whole game used to be like this back in the day, just surface ship against surface ship in REAL ship designs.

  8. next put yamamoto on a tier 1 japanese cruiser and get the kraken.
    New player on the enemy team watching this: “looks like you have a heal on these ships but I am still too stupid to find it”
    Bonus when you also get the Dreadnought archievment at the end of the battle

  9. Finally we get to see some competitive tier battles!

  10. Sometimes T1 is fun with a nice lvl21 cap

  11. I still like tier 3. St. Louis and Charleston are fun, plus tier 2 Smith. Then Tenryu is very fast, german DDs front torp launchers surprise people, Valkyrie is a little Cossack and the French dunno. Svietlana is a tier 4 St. Louis with torps but worh mentioning.

  12. Needs to be a new achievement for ships with guns like this: I nominate “Mortar Commander”. Interesting that you can get Kraken in bottom tiers now that you don’t actually get anything for achievements other than pixel glory.

  13. Cornfield Crawlers

    I don`t always seal club, but when I do I have my WOW 1 year anniversary flag flying on a premium t2. lol Sub tier 6 is where the funs at. 6+ is where the frustration is. Had some fun with brawls but being limited to t10 ships gets boring after a bit. It`s just rough on the NA server for the low tiers, mostly bots on both teams, lucky if there is 6 live players between both sides.

  14. Let’s do it! To the list levels we go!

  15. The best battle ever. It would be nice to see one T1 battle per week, just to lift the spirit up.

  16. Any game below 5 is always great!

  17. I know it is generally frowned upon, but the occasional bottom tier match is just pure fun. I also look forward to meeting the other orcas and duking it out.

    I wouldn’t hate on having bottom tier clan battles with experienced players more frequently.

    • In my last month of the game this was the only fun I found…going down the bottom tiers and fighting it out with other clubbers. It was fun right up until I started to feel greasy

  18. Wow, other players at low levels? I sat in queue last night for over 10 minutes at tier 4 waiting for a match just to have 1 other player on the other team who rammed the first ship he saw.

  19. Many a time I go down to the lower tiers for the lack of tier ten drama queens and just to have a good time! thank you for posting!

  20. Its funny you mentioning lower tiers bcz overall my fav ship to play is the nasseau i never got the dreadN but it looked fun

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