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Sharing my thoughts on which ships work well in the Tier 6 Rank Sprint that is going on right now. Hope it helps those looking for some advice, hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI German Battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich Replay

https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Friend Invite

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  1. Of course you had to pick the game were I potato

  2. Ashan has been very good to me. I got to 2 with only 3 losses and I saved once

  3. Warspite has always been my choice and remains to be a my personal pick for tier 6

  4. I reached rank one in 6 hours

  5. Notser, you bring up some really good ships, but please focus a lot more on tech tree ships. A lot of us don’t buy a lot of premiums, but so many of your recommendations were premium. Maybe do separate recommendations for premiums and non premiums?

    • T6 tech tree stuff? Fuso, new mexico, Aoba, Pensacola ewww t6 tech tree ships are atrocious. Bring a pensacola and enemy brings a graf spee you will hear lots of Guff and Bile.

    • +TheAllaksion Fuso and Aoba are not atrocious. In fact, with Fuso’s amount of shells, and Aoba’s amazing fire chance, AND with the IJN accuracy buff, they are actually very good contenders.

    • Mate, Warspite and Gallant were totally free for all (RN Event with Cossack), you can even buy for coal Aigle now (Arsenal for coal). So everybody can play them without spending a cent. Besides that, only if sb buys premiums, other can play for free

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Tech tree choices would be for me for BBs either the Fuso or the Bayern, depending on whether you want dpm or overmatch. For cruisers it’d be Leander. Maybe Budyonny or Dallas if you feel like the ship is exceptionally well-suited to you, but Leander is basically the best. DD-wise, I’d go Fubuki. The 3×3 torps on 10 km range are pretty good for T6, the guns are not as good as Shino, but still decent. CVs would be Ryuujou over Independence, because fighters come down mostly to who can strafe better and the strike power is higher on RJ. Also, more squads means easier spotting. Properly played CV is likely one of the easiest ways to rank out.

      Premiums is basically easy to do top pics:
      BB: Warspite, Mutsu, WV for different shades of overmatch (Warspite brings accuracy, Mutsu brings speed, WV brings the bite), Arizona for volume of fire. PEF in CV div, otherwise PEF can go straight into the garbage bin.
      CA/CL: (HSF) Graf Spee and Perth. Graf Spee is basically the original cruiser with insane hp and BB guns and the only T6 CA that can even be considered “tanky”. It won’t bounce BB shells, but it can only get citadelled from the side and can repair some damage. It comes with improved hydro and can bully away cruisers. Great ship to support cap fights. Perth is basically a higher skill floor Leander. It can move and spot for itself and gets HE ammo. Gets no repair though. De Grasse and Duca only if you really have to, but frankly, they bring little that is really outstanding.
      DD: Shinonome and T-61 are top. Shino for great torps and gun power when kiting, T-61 for the combo of good torps, decent gunpower, hydro+smoke, decent concealment. Gallant may work, but is strictly worse. Aigle is basically like bringing a smoke Khaba to T10 Ranked. Monaghan has torps but the guns are lacking.

    • +Evangeline Anovilis This was a huge help, thank you!

  6. I’m still reking house in the Arizona, I don’t see enough CV action to worry about a replay of Pearl.

  7. Russian Bias always protect.

    Well, I reached that 1 rank using only Warspite 😛 You just dont need any other tier VI ship 😀

    • I also played mostly warspite but what about QE? It’s the same ship.

    • +Ivan Buncic The stats are slightly different. I think Warspite has better Sigma. QE I think has a little better AA. Can’t remember off the top of my head though. QE is also a good ship. I just unlocked it in the main line Brit BB tree. I have so little time to play these days that i’ve not really been grinding out XP as of late. 🙁

    • +Shane Singleton
      QE has much worse turret traverse though

    • Yeah the QE trades turret traverse for ridiculous AA for its tier. It has the pre-buff turret traverse of the Warspite with 72 second traverse time unbuffed which I think is THE worst turret traverse in the game, even the Yamato with the legendary beats her.

      However with an AA build she’s a monster and a threat to even tier 8 Carriers but I wouldn’t suggest that for taking her into Ranked Sprint since you so rarely see carriers in it.

    • +luketfer
      actually, QE also got way better HE dmg, 1000 more than warspite.
      still, QE has better accuracy and turret traverse, making it usually superior, especially as i usually use AP only in most cases with them.

  8. You forgot The Graf Spee. I have a grat time with that ship in this ranked season. She has good hp, with heal. Fantastic guns (for that tier), and torpedoes with an amazing fire arc. in adition u have hydros to spot ships in smoke and topedoes. The fighter plane kan also spot torps and help out vs planes.
    I run a 19 point secondary gun build, and it works realy well.

  9. Played one ranked yesterday and was fed up by it regarding this season – again. Played T61, i killed both their DDs so we were leading 2:0 and took the first cap and yet my team lost 3:5 because of major inactivity.

  10. I love rank, sprint or otherwise. Not because of the difficulty or the rewards. But, because I like 5v5 or 7v7. I hate big battles.

    • DeftonesDiamondEyes

      5 v 5 is like skipping all the passive bs, and going straight into late game duels! Smaller games would do wows a lot of good

  11. Budy’s been a great ship for me in the Ranked Sprint. I only have a 11 point Ovechkin for Budy but with Dem. Exp., Budy’s been great. Long range HE Spam kek

    • DeftonesDiamondEyes

      With you on the bud. I love the Russian cruiser play. Rail gun shells are great against dd’s at any range, and have good pen on bb’s with ap. Just don’t get flanked by 2 bb’s. I need ifhe on my cap to get that he pen up though.

    • DeftonesDiamondEyes there’s also the thin armor that does the random overpen activation so it’s a 50/50 chance of being cit.

  12. I like the recommendations, but it seems to me like play this premium or this premium. If you don’t have a premium get a premium. I’m super casual, so I’ll just make some main lines work

    • If you bring an Aoba or Pensacola and i can bring a graf spee or a T61 you unfortunately will hear about thr auto loss.

    • +TheAllaksion I brought my normandie and my QE out. High Cal both times. Soooo, I think it’s a little less ship, and a little more skill. I’m pretty sure Notser and the other contributors would agree. It is unfortunate for a lot of us non-premium folk though cause it seems as though we have to push a little harder.

    • +Milton Zinn well anybody can buy premiums for free at the Arsenal. RN Event: Warspite and Gallant, now for coal Aigle. Last winter was Graf Spee. The Shinonome is free for all in a campaign available at the moment, a permanent campaign.

      But I played silvership due to snowflake – Gnewny and won. You can use Buddy or La Gallisionair for flanking .CA, Fuso or Bayern as B&B and so on. There are many ships, Notser mentioned some.

  13. can you talk about PEF missions…especially in 4th directive…they is too much grind…some of us will have no time to complete campaign

    • Remember they’re meant to be done in a week’s time so they are very bloated. Divide it over 5-7 days and it doesn’t look as bad — the fact it’s still 4 million credits per nation line is still arduous but it can be done. Unfortunately, it’s really tilted in favor of longtime players with diverse high tier ships where credit earning is more feasible than low tiers and doing well in random (not sure if operations will count) over co-op.

      However, I know many people want to finish directive 4 as fast as possible because it’s the only thing stopping you from getting a free Prinz Eitel Friedrich and you will need the time (and PEF of course) because Mighty Prinz campaign and Nerves of Steel mission are very grindy.

    • +azraelswrd yeah that is my worry…i probaly wont be able to finish the campaign and steel missions

  14. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    I had a few Ryujos clogging the mm, I decided to use Aigle, since with speed boost its faster than aircraft torpedos at this tier… it was amusing to taunt them constantly with monty python quotes and keep all the pressure off my team…

  15. I’ll have to put a word in for the Bayern here, i feel like it s been left out in this video for what it is at this tier. And that’s very clearly the role of a heavy hitting tank.
    It has the same overmatching ability as the warspite (and also the mutsu, the additional caliber doesn’t have any real use, the most bow/stern armor you will find on bbs is 25 mill), yet it only has very few areas, that can be overmatched. With the correct setup the 11.6 km of concealment allow the player to get into a position, where they can use these 381 mm guns appropriatelly, especially if they know how to aim and use the aiming systems 1 mod.
    I’ve used this build with a 12 point Jütland commander, and it’s gotten me from rank 9 to rank 1 in 12 games with a win rate of 83% and an average damage of 84000 (12 games with 10 high cals). With appropriate use the only other bb i could consider equal would be the Prinz Eitel Friedrich, but only because of maneuverability (which is slightly overrated on the small maps in the game, positioning your bb correctly and angling is more important), but besides that it is an absolute monster, as long as it is used with some sort of brain.
    (In case anyone chooses to call me out for bullshit, my ingame name is MrMCR, feel free to look the stats up)

    • I believe you, as for one, for about 2 days that was my only tier VI ship.
      In random battles, I’m super catious with the bayern, as there’s far more cruisers to bully me with HE spam.
      In ranked, it’s fairly rare that there’s going to be more than 1 or 2 cruisers, and those or 2 cruisers usually die off really quickly, as do the DDs (Then again, those cruisers were almost always Nurnbergs for whatever reason), so I can easily stick my neck out farther and bully big ships like the Warship or New Mexico with my APs.

      Bayern is definitely super tanky, in one random battle, with clever angling and dumb enemy pursuers, I was able to shrug off over a million damage due to hostile APs just pinging off my bow.

  16. So, power creep made American destroyers and cruisers at this tier irrelevant. Not shocking from Wargaming.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      theboz 81 DDs are mainly because lack of stealth torp capability The Pensacola is good if played right, that AP is amazing The Cleveland was too much for the tier imo Was wrong since introduced at that tier, now is balanced

  17. The Aigle does well at wiping out other DDs due to its high HP and high firepower.

    17k HP and 5 139mm guns spamming HE at a lightly armored DD.

  18. t61 is the absolute best DD for this ranked
    De Grasse with IFHE and Graf spee are the best Cruisers, specially De Grasse because it overpens every BB shell and has diuscusting dpm, graf spee has heal
    Mutsu and Warspite are the best BBs just because they have lolpen. Personally I prefer Mutsu because of Yamamoto and higher speed and survivavility, also the torps are increidibly usefull, 7 km range, 24secs reload can catch a lot of enemies in a rankeds. I higly recommend to use Mutsu

  19. How the hell did you get the Shjnonome to 5sec reload? Base is 9 seconds.

  20. Its always the same procedure providing recommendations when ranked season starts. But its not the ship that matters. Every ship is capable when the player understands how to play. Or other way around -> a fool with a tool is still a fool

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