Tier V Carriers Are Here: Stats, Consumables, Impressions | World of Warships Legends | 4k |

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Today we are taking a look at the tier 5 aircraft carriers Ranger and Ryuju in world of warships legends. we will examine how to unlock them, there stats, what improvements they have compared tot here tier 3 ships and much more

00:00-00:14 Intro
00:15-00:33 Comment of the day
00:34-01:40 How to Unlock Ranger & Ryujo
01:41-3:19 New Mods and Consumables
03:20-04:38 Ranger Stats and Changes
04:39-05:40 Ryujo Stats and Changes
05:41-07:03 Thoughts, Additional Challenges, British Heavy Cruisers
07:04-07:55 Outro


  1. Great video

  2. I would use the new consumable for let’s say a group of friendly ships or a heavily focused battleship.

  3. I can’t believe that was the comment of the day. C’mon man.

  4. I actually got surprised when I heard you say ” ranger has a 1010 m Turing circle ” haha

  5. I’ve only got the Ranger, but it looks awesome, I hope they will soon add them similar to how they are now.

  6. So what they doing when the test server is done, they adding them 2 the game?

  7. Bombers have rear guns they need them functioning on auto

  8. Underwhelming

  9. What are some tips you can give on making dive bomb runs. It looks like the American CVs will have harder hitting more consistent damage options with dive bombers.

  10. I think they should bring it to 9 plans in a squadron and increase it to 3 per run. Then buff the health by 1/6. Then allow the dual purpose guns to fire off. Maybe they already are but I don’t see it.

  11. Full Potato Jacket

    Aircraft get butchered at t5. Hard to even get 2 runs.

  12. I didn’t even know that the new ones where out sweet.when are they gonna be in the full game you think?

  13. when are we getting the rockets, i mean i get they aren’t the best but i still deffinetly want them

    • How about no thanks rockets destroy DDs way to fast and as is now DDs are only main counter to carrier’s

    • @Brett Henning maybe I’m just bad but when I use them I usually don’t do any damage even If all of the rocket hit, either way I’m sure there are plenty of ways to make them less powerful

  14. Personally I just hope they keep true to carriers being a support class

  15. Arunrat Kristensson


  16. Will we see tier 7 carriers?

  17. cant wait for teir six

  18. I had a bug or a problem, i did my missions for ranger and i didnt got anything

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